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WWE Survivor Series talking points: Why Ronda Rousey v Becky Lynch must main event and Kurt Angle's selfless act

Talking points ahead of the WWE's penultimate network special of the year in Los Angeles on November 18

Becky Lynch has taken the ball and run with it as WWE SmackDown Women's champion. Image courtesy of WWE
Becky Lynch has taken the ball and run with it as WWE SmackDown Women's champion. Image courtesy of WWE

WWE Survivor Series takes place on November 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the talking points going into the event with a week to go.

Becky Lynch v Ronda Rousey must be the main event

Becky Lynch has been the MVP of WWE in the second half of 2018.

She has been superb in the ring, as always, but the rejuvenation of her character to have more of a confident and confrontational manner has been a joy to watch.

Her feud with Charlotte Flair was excellent and ended with a match of the year contender at Evolution in New York as she retained the SmackDown Women's championship.

Now her challenge is to give Ronda Rousey, the Raw Women's title, her best match in WWE and it is hard to believe it will not happen.

Both women have nailed excellent promos in the build up to their champion v champion match at Survivor Series on November 18.


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It is the best promoted match on the card by a long stretch and ticks all the boxes for being the main event match.

You have two hugely popular superstars. A legitimate reason for the match in both wanting to prove they are the best. Plus the fact it is very unpredictable as to the outcome.

Rousey has never lost in the WWE since coming over from UFC. But Lynch has amazing momentum right now and is having the run of her career.

Neither woman can really afford to lose and that is why it is so fascinating and needs to be the main event.

Lynch's match with Flair should have main evented at Evolution, despite Rousey's star appeal, but with Rousey now in the mix this has to end the show.

Kurt Angle is a true servant to the business

It is hard to imagine many WWE veterans who would do what Kurt Angle did in the ring on Raw on Monday.

Angle, a six-time WWE world champion, was humiliated by Drew McIntyre as he lost a match that would have seen him qualify for the Raw team for their Survivor Series match-up with SmackDown.

Angle did not just lose. He was beaten down, belittled verbally and made to submit by his own submission move.

If reports are true it was Angle's idea to lose in such a manner and he deserves absolute praise for his own selflessness.

He made McIntyre look like an absolute monster and a nasty piece of work, and the Scotsman's profile has never been higher now.

It could be the start of a redemption story for Angle or heading towards a retirement match, but he made McIntyre look like a true main eventer in the process.

Angle gained a lot of credibility in 2002 when he beat Hulk Hogan cleanly and it feels like he is now in turn paying forward to the next generation.

Slow burn working well for Ambrose

It is almost three weeks since Dean Ambrose shocked the WWE Universe by turning on his Shield brother Seth Rollins.

So far we have had no explanation from Ambrose for his actions and that is fine. We are in no hurry.

Rollins, as Intercontinental champion, faces Shinsuke Nakamura, the United States champion, in a champions match at Survivor Series.

You can pretty much book Ambrose interfering to cost Rollins the match now.

Then their feud can really begin and they can fight it out at TLC in December and into 2019.

Whether it goes as far as WrestleMania 35 is questionable, with Rollins a viable opponent for Brock Lesnar, but this should be fun for the time being.

A slow burn into what should be a heated rivalry is never a bad thing and that is what we are set for with Rollins v Ambrose.

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