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WWE Super Show-Down talking points: Why The Miz will be the next WWE champion and Nikki Bella's turn on Ronda Rousey

Ahead of the show in Australia, here are some predictions and analysis on what to expect in Melbourne

Daniel Bryan will lose again to The Miz in Melbourne but it will set him up for a match with his arch-rival at WrestleMania 35 with the WWE Championship on the line. Image courtesy of WWE.
Daniel Bryan will lose again to The Miz in Melbourne but it will set him up for a match with his arch-rival at WrestleMania 35 with the WWE Championship on the line. Image courtesy of WWE.

We are a week away from the WWE's network special in Australia, WWE Super Show-Down.

Ahead of the action in Melbourne on Saturday October 6, with the event on the WWE Network, here is a rundown on things to watch for and narratives that will unfold from the action that takes place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Miz will become WWE champion again

The Miz's rivalry with Daniel Bryan continues in Australia on October 6 when they meet in a No 1 contender's match for the WWE Championship.

To continue the feud, and possibly set it up for WrestleMania 35, it must be The Miz who leaves WWE Super Show-Down with the victory.

In all likelihood AJ Styles will retain the WWE title against Samoa Joe, and it will set up Styles v The Miz at a date to be confirmed, possibly Survivor Series in November.

The WWE have kept Bryan away from the title picture since he returned to ring action in March, and that is for a reason: to give him a feel-good championship win in New Jersey at WrestleMania 35 next April.

The Miz v Bryan for the title has been an eagerly predicted match-up, and it feels like the wheels are already turning in that direction.

The Miz has already beaten Bryan at SummerSlam, and then his wife Maryse pinned Bryan's wife Brie Bella in their mixed tag match at Unforgiven.

So he is 2-0 up effectively on his arch nemesis. A third win, by nefarious means (Miz has already planted the seeds on this on SmackDown by saying he will do what is necessary unlike Bryan) really puts him in the ascendancy.

They can then break off the feud as Miz goes after the title. But when he gets it by beating Styles he can, rightly, refuse to defend it against Bryan, claiming he has already beaten him and Bryan does not deserve a title shot.

This sets Bryan on his quest for revenge and he will win the Royal Rumble in January to get his shot. The fall-back for the WWE if they want the winner to be from Raw is he can win the Elimination Chamber in February to get his chance.

It books him and Miz being in the ascendancy now, and winning again in Australia, will seal the deal.

Miz has been a sensational talent in the ring and he has often lifted his opponents to great feuds. In hindsight his 2010-11 title run was too early, but he is fully deserving a run with a top title and a five to six month reign is on the horizon.


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Nikki Bella's turn on Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey makes her first WWE appearance outside the United States when she and the Bella sisters go up against The Riott Squad.

The good news for Rousey is she is winning the match with her team, that is one of the most predictable results of the night.

But, she is likely to end the night on the floor writhing in pain as this will be where Nikki Bella turns on her to set up their rumoured match for the Raw Women's title at WWE Evolution on October 28.

It is the obvious set-up. Win together and then when Rousey's back is turned in celebration Nikki strikes. Whether her sister Brie is involved will be interesting, given her babyface role on SmackDown with Daniel Bryan.

But to actually make Nikki a threat she does need Brie so both Bellas beating down Rousey is how it should go down.

As to why? Can simply be jealousy from Nikki at Ronda taking all the credit for the growth of the women's division. Or they can go back to the Royal Rumble and her frustration at missing out on winning to Asuka and questioning if she still has it.

Either way, Ronda Rousey v Nikki Bella is happening and it starts in Australia.

Paving the way for Shawn Michaels to return

In a way the Triple H v Undertaker match-up does not matter in terms of the winner. The Melbourne crowd will undoubtedly two legends of the business going at it one final time one on one.

With Shawn Michaels in Triple H's corner, and Kane in the Undertaker's corner, interference is guaranteed. The only question is who does what to who.

If the rumours of Michaels ending his retirement are true, then Undertaker beating his best friend, and doing something to provoke him in the process, makes the most sense.

A tag match, possibly at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, could be the consequence of the action in Melbourne.

Michaels looks in great shape, and Melbourne will be the catalyst for his return to the ring.

Other matches

AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship against Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has done a great job in this feud, but the WWE are going to keep it on Styles. If the title change was going to happen it would have been at Hell in a Cell, but it didn't and Styles retains to go on and face The Miz.

The Shield to beat Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

The Shield's losses in six-man tag matches are few and far between. They are not losing here. This should be a great match, but this will be one to cheer the Australian crowd.

John Cena and Bobby Lashley to beat Elias and Kevin Owens

Cena's first appearance on WWE programming since being demolished by the Undertaker at WrestleMania 34. This will be a fun tag match but Cena and Lashley are going over.

Becky Lynch to retain the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship against Charlotte Flair

There is no way that Lynch is losing the title back to Flair so quickly. This could well be a disqualification finish to set up their match at Evolution.

Buddy Murphy wins the Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander

This will be the big moment for the home crowd as home favourite Murphy finally ends Alexander's reign as Cruiserweight champion. It has been a good run for Alexander but Murphy winning on Australian soil is a no brainer.

The New Day retain the SmackDown Tag Team titles against Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Cesaro have been one of the best tag teams in recent years and another run with gold would be great for them. But New Day are not losing here and their relatively new reign goes on.

Asuka and Naomi to beat The IIconics

Australians Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have been treading water on SmackDown and a win in front of their compatriots would do them the power of good. Sadly Asuka and Naomi also need a big victory too and at this stage their need is greater and they will prevail.

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