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WWE predictions: Ronda Rousey wins Raw Women's title as The Miz and Sasha Banks win Money in the Bank matches

In other predictions for Sunday's Network Special, AJ Styles retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, while Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are also winners

Ronda Rousey is predicted to become WWE Raw Women's champion on Sunday. Picture courtesy of WWE
Ronda Rousey is predicted to become WWE Raw Women's champion on Sunday. Picture courtesy of WWE

WWE's latest Network Special, Money in the Bank, takes place at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois,, on Sunday. Ahead of the event here are the predictions on what will go down.

Ronda Rousey wins the Raw Women's title from Nia Jax

Why? It is too soon for Rousey to be champion, but the way this programme has been booked she has to win the belt here.

It has been a stilted and clumsy build-up, but they can make up for this with a short match where Rousey taps out Jax very quickly, proving how dangerous and tough she is.

A long match does neither woman any favours and so this should be no more than five minutes, maximum, of action.

Rousey wins. How long she stays champion is hard to know with the potential of a cash in from the Money in the Bank winner.

AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship against Shinuke Nakamura in a Last Standing Match

Why? This is hard to call. But, ultimately you have to feel if WWE were going to make Nakamura champion they would have already done it.

This has to be the blow-off to the feud, which began in February and it has got better as it has gone on.

Nakamura is fun as a heel, but WWE probably sense there is limited shelf life in the Japanese superstar at the top of the roster.

Styles has ready made feuds ahead with Samoa Joe and The Miz and there are more options with him remaining as champion.

Styles lives to fight another day and Nakamura falls to the midcard is the likely outcome.


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Carmella to retain the SmackDown Women's title via disqualification against Asuka

Why? Carmella is a problematic champion for SmackDown. She is very good on the microphone, but is limited in the ring.

Asuka is getting the title and can ill-afford to lose again after her winning streak ended at WrestleMania 34 at the hands of Charlotte.

Asuka v Charlotte at SummerSlam in a rematch seems the end game here.

There is no rush to put the title on Asuka and having Carmella cheat to retain, via disqualification, is fine at an event where so much is going on.

The Miz wins the Men's Money in the Bank match against Samoa Joe, Rusev, Bobby Roode, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and a member of New Day

Why? This is easier to rule out who is not winning firstly. Rusev, Balor, Roode and the member of New Day are not walking away with the contract. Balor could make for a good holder of the briefcase, but Vince McMahon and the WWE booking committee are clearly not that high on him.

Strowman is favourite after a dominant past couple of weeks on Raw, but he does not need the briefcase to be a threat.

Both Joe and Owens could make for great MITB winners and it would fit with both their characters.

But The Miz has a lot of upside too. He is due another title run and has a big feud ahead with Daniel Bryan, so having this as a way of getting him upto the championship scene, and giving him a big win in the process, seems the way to go.

Sasha Banks win the Women's Money in the Bank match against Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Ember Moon, Lana and Naomi

Why? A hard one to call. This is a very open match and apart from Lana everyone is a plausible winner.

Ultimately the most intrigue could be in a Banks win. She desperately needs a big moment and giving her the briefcase gives really options as to what to do with the contract.

The preferred option, at least here, would be a heel turn and cashing in on most likely Rousey to set up a long-term feud.

Roman Reigns beats Jinder Mahal in a singles match

Why? This has been a thrown together feud to give Reigns something to do until Brock Lesnar and the Universal title return to the scene.

In many ways this has been job done as Mahal is the kind of heel that does not get cheered, and so, judging by recent crowd reactions, it has at least eased the boos against Reigns.

There are still many problems with the booking of Reigns but he wins here to rebuild some momentum.

Seth Rollins to retain the Intercontinental title against Elias

Why? This is a tough one. Elias is doing brilliant work and a run as Intercontinental champion could highlight his position as one of the best of the up and comers on the roster.

But, Rollins is on a real hot streak as Intercontinental champion, having great matches every week. It would be a pity to cut his reign off relatively early.

This should be a good match. WWE sticks with Rollins, for now, with Elias getting the rub from a good match.

Daniel Bryan to beat Big Cass in a singles match

Why? Big Cass is floundering as a singles star. He is limited in the ring and his promos are repetitive and dull.

Bryan has done what he can to help him, but there is only so much he can do.

Bryan won at Backlash and he should win this comfortably too, allowing WWE to think of ways of how they can repackage Cass in the midcard.

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Bobby Lashley beats Sami Zayn in a singles match

Why? Sometimes you wish WWE would just keep it simple. Lashley v Zayn is a perfectly fine match-up, but it has been hurt by a horrible build involving Lashley's 'sisters' and his army career.

This should be fine on the night as Zayn does his bit to make Lashley look great in the ring. Lashley moves on up towards the title scene on Raw while Zayn hopefully can recover from having to carry this horrendous feud.

The Bludgeon Brothers to retain the SmackDown Tag titles against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Why? This one is easy. This is a filler feud for Harper and Rowan and they have feuds with New Day and Sheamus and Cesaro ahead of them.

A short match here to highlight their dominance on the SmackDown tag division.

Money in the Bank can be watched on the WWE Network, via OSN Spors, with the action starting from 3am UAE time on Monday morning.

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