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Why Becky Lynch needs Stephanie McMahon as an antagonist: WWE talking points

Lynch deserves to be the No 1 in the WWE's women's division, the key is now to give her a decent enemy and McMahon can work in that guise

Becky Lynch deserved her WrestleMania 35 moment but it is now what happens next to her and who she feuds with that matters. Image courtesy of WWE
Becky Lynch deserved her WrestleMania 35 moment but it is now what happens next to her and who she feuds with that matters. Image courtesy of WWE

Well, it was not the climax it should have been, but Becky Lynch’s journey to the top of the women’s division of WWE is complete.

Victory in the historic first women’s main event at a WrestleMania was not decisive against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, due to Rousey’s shoulders not being completely down for the pinfall.

That was not Lynch’s fault and WWE have not made a play on it, at least not yet, and clearly the mission is now to move on from it and establish the first woman to hold both the Raw and SmackDown women’s titles at the same time as the face of the division.

Since last August Lynch has shown she can be exceptional on the microphone and a great technician in the ring.

Her programme with Flair, promos with John Cena and Edge, and beatdown of Rousey that culminated in her having a bloodied nose, were among the best bits of television WWE produced in years.

Not all of it has worked. The injury angle post Royal Rumble hurt her momentum, her promos became less edgy, and the WWE appeared worried about keeping Rousey strong in the face of her inevitable loss.

But Rousey is bullet proof. The WWE should have had Lynch tap her out. It would have given Lynch the decisive moment she needed to start her reign and it would have added huge dimensions to the Rousey character going forward.

How she reacted to the loss would have been fascinating. Does she become more violent? Does she seek more help in the case of self doubt in one Shayna Baszler, the NXT women’s champion.

This can still, and will most probably happen, but in the short term Lynch needs momentum again, and quickly.

But what Lynch needs now is good early rivals for her titles.

She is unlikely to keep both championships for long, unless WWE want her to work a monstrous schedule.

Lacey Evans looks like the immediate opponent, at least on Raw, with Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax all plausible rivals on Raw.

On SmackDown, Flair is the obvious rival, but given they have feuded since August it may be wise for WWE to give some respite from that match-up.

Asuka, Naomi and Carmella could all realistically have creditable match-ups with Lynch.

But what WWE need to do to really get Lynch over is go back to the angle that she was never their choice to be in the position.

The authority figure angle has been done to death, but having someone, Stephanie McMahon almost certainly, pulling the strings to make life tough for Lynch, and putting in her in as many tough scenarios as possible will add to the story.

McMahon does not have to favour another superstar, simply not approve of Lynch as champion.

It may be a riff on Stone Cold v Vince McMahon from the late 90s but that is not a bad thing if it is done well and used as the catalyst for the storylines ahead.

WWE touched on it before Mania and it is the way of reheating Lynch.

Evans is new to the roster and beating her is expected by WWE fans when it comes to Lynch.

The WWE struck gold, accidentally, when they had Lynch lose in SummerSlam in August.

The fans have got behind the Irish lasskicker and remain firmly behind her. Now is the time to spice things up ahead of the summer and Stephanie McMahon fits the bill perfectly.

She is an amazing heel when she wants to be and is capable of having a match, with limitations, when needed.

Having her make Lynch’s life hard over the summer gives the WWE’s new heroine someone with authority to bounce off and could make for some captivating viewing.

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