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Brock Lesnar to retain WWE Universal title at WWE SummerSlam, while Shinsuke Nakamura wins WWE Championship and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins win Raw tag titles

Two title changes predicted for Sunday's show in New York, with Sasha Banks taking the Raw Women's title from Alexa Bliss, while John Cena and Randy Orton also claim wins.

Brock Lesnar's reign as WWE Universal champion, which began at WrestleMania 33, will continue when he retains the title at SummerSlam on Sunday. Image courtesy of WWE.
Brock Lesnar's reign as WWE Universal champion, which began at WrestleMania 33, will continue when he retains the title at SummerSlam on Sunday. Image courtesy of WWE.

WWE's latest Network Special, SummerSlam, takes place at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday. Ahead of the event here are the predictions on what will go down.

Brock Lesnar to retain the WWE Universal Championship in a Fatal 4-Way match with Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman

The threats of Lesnar leaving the WWE if he loses the title here, aligned to the rumours of him returning to UFC in the not too distant future, have made a loss for the Beast seem plausible.

But, it feels like a swerve. Lesnar is contracted to the company at least until WrestleMania 34 and it is likely he holds onto the belt for at least another month.

Samoa Joe is the most likely person to take the pinfall as WWE will look to protect both Strowman and Reigns ahead of future one-on-one clashes with Lesnar in the coming months.

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Shinsuke Nakamura to beat Jinder Mahal to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This is hard to call. This feud feels too rushed and Nakamura, other than beating John Cena, has had little momentum on the main roster.

But Mahal's title run already feels stale, and if WWE are serious about pushing Nakamura as a big star, giving him the big moment at SummerSlam would go a long way to supporting that.

This could easily be a disqualification finish, but a Nakamura win will be greeted very warmly by the Brooklyn crowd.

Sasha Banks defeats Alexa Bliss to win the WWE Raw Women's Championship

Bliss has been excellent as the champion on Raw, but having her chase the title again could be a lot of fun.

Banks has raised her game in recent months and become much more consistent, and her ability to get great matches out of Nia Jax should not be under-rated.

Banks has not held the title since December, and even if it is another short run, giving her the title will at least shake up the top of the card in the women's division of the brand.

Naomi retains the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship against Natalya

Natalya is a reliable hand in the ring and this feels like a reward for her hard work, rather than a fresh push for her.

Naomi will retain here to continue her title reign. Carmella may threaten to cash in her Money in the Bank contract, but it is unlikely to happen here as it will be an historic moment when it does happen so the WWE should ensure it stands out on a SmackDown show or exclusive SmackDown PPV.

AJ Styles retains the United States Championship against Kevin Owens

This should be a lot of fun. Their two previous PPV clashes were underwhelming, given how great both men are in the ring, but with this being the blow-off match of their feud it should be a memorable encounter, if they are given at least 15 minutes.

Having Shane McMahon as the special referee adds intrigue but this should end up with Styles retaining in relatively clean fashion.

There will be an incident at some point in the match that will allow Owens to claim McMahon was biased against him, leading to the growing animosity between the pair to grow in the months ahead.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose win the WWE Raw Tag Team titles against Cesaro and Sheamus

This feels harsh in that Cesaro and Sheamus have been excellent as tag champions and have really gelled together.

But the story of former Shield members Rollins and Ambrose reuniting has been done well and got fans behind them.

They have real momentum behind them and it would be silly of the WWE not to capitalise on it and give them a run as champions, especially with the Universal title scene so busy, meaning limited options for both former world champions at the top of the card right now.

The New Day to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team titles against The Usos

The Usos as heels have been a lot of fun and they have brought a good mixture of menace and charisma to the tag division.

New Day will retain here, but this might not be the end of the feud, with a cage match or a two out of three falls match next month

Akira Tozawa to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Neville

Tozawa won the title on Monday so it seems unlikely he would drop the title less than a week later.

Neville has held the division together as champion, and him chasing Tozawa and becoming more and more ruthless could be a fresh development to the story.

Tozawa to retain, but their rivalry will go on.

John Cena to beat Baron Corbin in a singles match

Now this one is very interesting. Prior to SmackDown this would have been an easy win for Cena, given the surprising statistic that the man who has dominated the WWE landscape for more than a decade has not had a singles win at SummerSlam for 10 years and has lost his past four matches at the event.

But the fact his distraction led to Corbin losing when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase has put the proverbial cat among the pigeons.

Sunday tells us a lot about how WWE view Corbin. If this is about bringing out an even more aggressive streak in Corbin as his anger boils over then it could be interesting.

If Cena pins Corbin easily then Corbin's status near the top of the card is in trouble. If Cena still wins, but only just, and Corbin attacks him again post-match then that keeps him strong.

Corbin desperately needs the win, but Cena will stand tall, at least in the match.

Finn Balor to beat Bray Wyatt in a singles match

Wyatt won on Raw on Monday, so Balor is getting his win back here.

This should make for a fun spectacle as Balor brings back his Demon persona, after being provoked by Wyatt pouring blood, or the WWE's version of it anyway, which looked more like paint, as he gets his revenge.

Randy Orton to beat Rusev in a singles match

The booking of Rusev continues to frustrate. A great heel with an aggressive move-set, he could and should be much higher up the card.

But, having lost three times in a row to Jinder Mahal, there is little chance that Orton loses again.

So, Rusev, who could have come back with some real momentum after time out with injury, faces jobbing to Orton, a month after losing to Cena last month.

Big Cass to beat Big Show in a singles match with Enzo Amore suspended above the ring in a shark cage

The WWE have attempted to add heat to the story with Cass breaking Show's hand on Raw, but this entire rivalry is all about getting Cass over as a legitimate threat.

He goes over Show to set himself up for feuds with the likes of Roman Reigns later in the year.

WWE SummerSlam is on the WWE Network, which is available through OSN, with the action beginning at 2am UAE time.

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