x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018


While they have had some wins this season driver mistakes, strategy errors and a car just a couple of tenths of a second off the Red Bulls mean it has been a frustrating year for Martin Whitmarsh’s team.

3. Lewis Hamilton, Britain

While he can rightly point out to team errors letting him down on occasions, his aggressive style has also proven his downfall with a number of collisions losing him points. No one could have beaten Vettel this year, but Hamilton could have pushed him harder.

4. Jenson Button, Britain

His qualifying form still lets him down, but the new regulations have helped him, allowing him to make use of the DRS and Kers to make up places. One of the best in the field at using his head while racing, and his drive to victory in Canada was one of the best of the year.