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The Majlis Course: Hole-by-hole guide

A hole-by-hole description of the Majlis course at Emirates Golf Club.

Tiger Woods signs autographs for fans during the pro-am golf at the Emirates Golf Club today. Pawan Singh / The National
Tiger Woods signs autographs for fans during the pro-am golf at the Emirates Golf Club today. Pawan Singh / The National

No 1 - Par 4, 458 yards

Despite the dogleg left, from the elevated tee there may seem to be too much fairway to miss, but bunkers within range on the left and right are waiting to swallow up wayward drives.

No 2 - Par 4, 351 yards

With trees to the left and water to the right, the tee shot provides a stern test. Big hitters may try to get close to the green, which is well guarded by sand, to set up an early birdie chance.

No 3 - Par 5, 568 yards

Realistic birdie hopes can be buried in the fairway bunker to the left or lost among the thick clumps of desert grass to the right, which continue to the fringe of the green.

No 4 - Par 3, 188 yards

A downhill tee shot makes it easy to over hit and find the deep bunker behind the green. It is also not difficult to cause a splash in the lake to the right, particularly when the flag is placed close to the water.

No 5 - Par 4, 436 yards

Considered the hardest hole on the course, it always commands respect, even though many professionals cannot resist the urge to go for a big drive.

No 6 - Par 4, 485 yards

It can be tempting to try to cut too much off the dogleg and fall into the sand trap. Set at an angle to the fairway, the long, narrow green is the biggest on the course.

No 7 - Par 3, 186 yards

A beautiful but treacherous short hole. Tee shots just reaching the front of the green can slip back into the water, and over hitting with safety in mind will bury your ball in sand or on a steep, grassed bank.

No 8- Par 4, 459 yards

From the fairway, only the front edge of the well-bunkered green is visible, and the slope and wind further complicate club selection.

No 9 - Par 4, 463 yards

From a tee perched near the highest part of the course, the biggest of the four lakes is a serious threat. The ensuing approach shot is one of the most testing on the course.

No 10 - Par 5, 549 yards

A helping breeze means most of the field will get up in two but tee shots must be placed with care to avoid the desert shrubbery and trees hugging the fairways.

No 11 - Par 3, 169 yards

Under-hit tee shots are common here, especially when the flag is positioned well back on the threetier green. The line of trees to the right will seem much closer when the wind is blowing from the left.

No 12 - Par 4, 467 yards

This tee shot is probably the most demanding of all, with the slim fairway fading from view close to the landing area. Even a perfect drive still leaves a long and challenging approach shot to the elevated green.

No 13 - Par 5, 550 yards

A long and accurate drive is required to create an opportunity to go for the low-lying green in two, at the risk of finding water on the right of the green.

No 14 - Par 4, 434 yards

Picking the right line for the tee shot is all-important and big hitters can take off most of the corner to shorten their approach towards a birdie chance.

No 15 - Par 3, 190 yards

With the tee set at an angle to the green and pointing away to the right, shots drift in that direction with surprising regularity, often transforming a birdie opportunity into a scramble for par.

No 16 - Par 4, 425 yards

A good tee shot will set up the chance to attack the pin, but one slipping right or left will bring trouble among the sand, trees and desert grass.

No 17 - Par 4, 359 yards

Attempting to go straight for the target can lead to an excellent birdie opportunity - or all sorts of trouble. Keeping left opens up the green.

No 18 - Par 5, 564 yards

A birdie here can mean a big finish, but a par is always satisfying. With the fairway turning left 90 degrees, cutting the corner from the tee is a temptation difficult to resist.

* Courtesy Emirates Golf Club

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