Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 16 December 2018

Watch: 'Derby of peace' ends in farce as Brazil's Bahia have five sent off in mass brawl 

During a match for Brazil's Bahia State League between Vitoria and Bahia, a brawl broke after visiting team's midfielder Vinicius danced and made obscene gestures in front of Vitoria fans after equalising 1-1 with a penalty kick.

Vitoria goalkeeper Fernando Miguel did not like the celebrations and went after Vinicius to complain.

Players from both teams started a fight, with Vitoria's defender Kanu even hitting Vinicius' face with a one-two combo.

The game stopped at the 49th minute and the referee sent off three players from Bahia – Vinicius, who scored, and two reserve players – and three from Vitoria, including Kanu.

After a 15-minute interruption, the game resumed and, on 77 minutes, Vitoria's defensive midfielder Uillian Correia was sent off after being booked with a second yellow card, due to a foul he committed trying to stop a counter-attack from Bahia.

With the minimum limit of seven players on the pitch and with three less than their opponent, Vitoria tried to get another player sent off that would force the game to be abandoned.

Defender Bruno Bispo tried several times to get a red card from referee, blocking a Bahia player's attempts to take a free kick.

After he managed to kick the ball away from the Bahia player, Vitoria's own full-back Bryan complained to the referee, asking to book his teammate, who already had a yellow card.

The referee realised the move from Vitoria's players but, left with few options, he showed Bispo a second yellow card and sent him off, ending the match on 79 minutes.

The match had been billed as "The derby of peace", as it was the first time in six games that supporters from both sides were allowed in the venue.

Thinking that they had earned a 1-1 draw, Vitoria players went to celebrate with their supporters.

However, Bahia fans were the ones who laughed last, since the competition rules consider it a Vitoria walkover, as they did not have enough players to continue the match.

According to the rules, Bahia are expected to be declared winners by a 3-0 score.