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FA want Emirati coaches

The Football Association will undertake efforts in an attempt to change the damning statistic that there are no local coaches managing in the Pro League.

Coaching workshops, seminars and courses are to be staged by the Football Association in an attempt to change the damning statistic that there are no Emirati coaches managing in the Pro League. The FA have earmarked 2010 as the "Year of the Local Coaches" during which a number of events will be staged in a bid to break the monopoly of overseas coaches in charge of the 12 Pro League clubs.

Mohammed Khalfan al Rumaithi, the president of the FA, believes the scheme will create greater working opportunities at domestic clubs in the coming seasons. "We will be trying to enhance employment opportunities for coaches," said al Rumaithi. "I am hoping the local clubs will start embracing them since employment opportunities with the association are limited by the number of national teams we have.

"We are looking forward to seeing many more local coaches come through in the next year. Our focus, though, is not on numbers, but on having efficient and qualified coaches. "We will also be working to improve the condition of the local coaches, improve their salaries and make sure they have some job security and guarantees for their future." For the first time, they have introduced an FA D Licence for grassroots coaches at the non-competitive youth football level.

The Association will also be conducting courses under the Asian Football Confederation's A, B and C levels and a Pro Licence in tandem with the German FA. During the past four years, the FA have organised 15 courses and handed out 221 coaching licences, but the results are yet to manifest themselves in terms of Emiratis managing in their home league. @Email:arizvi@thenational.ae