x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Cricket's Mohammad Aamer still making mistakes

Mohammad Aamer, the brilliant young bowler, has been rash and immature in his behaviour since he and two other Pakistan players were suspended for alleged "spot-fixing".

With a cricket ball in hand and an uncanny ability to bamboozle batsmen with express pace and swing, Mohammad Aamer had the world at his feet. However, while he may have been a wonder on the pitch, his antics off it have been less impressive.

Faced with the prospect of losing one's livelihood, most people would stay out of the spotlight.

Aamer, on the other hand, has looked completely inept in the way he has conducted himself, leaving observers wondering who, if anyone, is guiding the youngster through this troubled time.

As if the gravity of "spot-fixing" allegations against him were not enough, Aamer appeared wearing a "Legalise Cannabis" T-shirt during the International Cricket Council (ICC) hearing in Doha - an act of foolishness in itself.

It is possible that the naive Aamer and his defence team wanted to play the "young and immature" card, but what sort of message did that send to the people deciding his fate?

To add to this sorry list of faux-pas is his latest misdemeanour - bowling five overs in a club match in Rawalpindi while serving a ban imposed by the ICC. This invited the immediate wrath of both the ICC and the hapless Pakistan Cricket Board and could possibly endanger any goodwill towards his plight.

As the ICC prepares to announce its verdict on February 5, Aamer and his defence would be well advised to follow the path of Mohammad Asif, his co-accused, who has been nothing but a picture of good behaviour since the events of last summer.