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Adrian Sutil is in the headlines for the wrong reasons

Adrian Sutil is happy to back at the track but the Force India driver has been forced to answer questions about a dust-up in China with an executive of the Lotus-Renault team.

Adrian Sutil has found himself in the limelight. Mick Tsikas / Reuters
Adrian Sutil has found himself in the limelight. Mick Tsikas / Reuters

The Force India driver faced his largest media audience for a pre-race briefing yesterday. And while he was reluctant to discuss what happened between himself and Renault owner Eric Lux in a Shanghai nightclub that resulted in potential criminal charges being filed against him, he was willing to speak on other subjects.

Question: Can you describe how the last couple of weeks have been for you since the news of the incident in China came to the fore?

Answer: It’s one part of my life, but I am concentrating on the      racing at the moment. That’s what counts. I am focused on my race this weekend and next in Monaco.

Question:Does it not make it more difficult to concentrate on the racing though when you have all this going on?

Answer: It’s always a difficult situation, but I have to live with it.

Question: But the media attention surrounding you this weekend is very different from what you are accustomed to. What kind of effect does that have?

Answer:No effect. I have very nice people around me, so no affect at all.

Question: If you score points, will you party afterwards?

Answer: Yeah ... Maybe.

Question:Tell us about your teammate Paul di Resta. He has enjoyed a great start to his rookie season in the sport.

Answer: He is a young talent. He is not the kind of rookie you normally have in Formula One: straight out of GP2 and not so much experience in professional racing. He’s coming from DTM where he was with a professional race team – Mercedes. You can really see his input; he know a lot of things and he is very consistent. I really enjoy working with him.

Question:He is leading you 3-1 in qualifying and you are tying 2-2 in races. What does that show?

Answer: Well, it shows that he is competitive and I want to compete against the best drivers. For me it doesn’t mean anything to beat somebody that is not on my level. I always want to beat the best and if he is one of the best then I am happy.

Question:Rumours circulating that Bahrain could take the place of India on the calendar and the inaugural Indian race would take place the week after Brazil, effectively extending the season into December. What’s your take on that?

Answer: I am happy to race whenever. If it suits the calendar then I am happy to race in December. Winter time is boring sometimes anyway. It is a shame to miss the Bahrain Grand Prix, so, if it fits in on the calendar in December, then I am happy to race then.