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2010 World Cup match schedule

The fixture list for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa starting on June 11 with the opening game between hosts South Africa and Mexico.

The fixture list for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa starting on June 11 with the opening game between hosts South Africa and Mexico.

Match 1, June 11 6pm (all times UAE): South Africa v Mexico (Soccer City, Johannesburg) Match 2, June 11 10.30pm: Uruguay v France (Cape Town) Match 17, June 16 10.30pm: South Africa v Uruguay (Pretoria) Match 18, June 17 10.30pm: France v Mexico (Polokwane) Match 33, June 22 6pm: Mexico v Uruguay (Rustenburg) Match 34, June 22 6pm: France v South Africa (Bloemfontein)

Match 3, June 12 6pm: Argentina v Nigeria (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) Match 4, June 12 3.30pm: South Korea v Greece (Port Elizabeth) Match 19, June 17 6pm: Greece v Nigeria (Bloemfontein) Match 20, June 17 3.30pm: Argentina v South Korea (Soccer City, Johannesburg) Match 35, June 22 10.30pm: Nigeria v South Korea (Durban) Match 36, June 22 10.30pm: Greece v Argentina (Polokwane)

Match 5, June 12 10.30pm: England v USA (Rustenburg) Match 6, June 13 3.30pm: Algeria v Slovenia (Polokwane) Match 22, June 18 6pm: Slovenia v USA (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) Match 23, June 18 10.30pm: England v Algeria (Cape Town) Match 37, June 23 6pm: Slovenia v England (Port Elizabeth) Match 38, June 23 6pm: USA v Algeria (Pretoria)

Match 7, June 13 10.30pm: Germany v Australia (Durban) Match 8, June 13 6pm: Serbia v Ghana (Pretoria) Match 21, June 18 3.30pm: Germany v Serbia (Port Elizabeth) Match 24, June 19 6pm: Ghana v Australia (Rustenburg) Match 39, June 23 10.30pm: Ghana v Germany (Soccer City, Johannesburg) Match 40, June 23 10.30pm: Australia v Serbia (Nelspruit)

Match 9, June 14 3.30pm: Holland v Denmark (Soccer City, Johannesburg) Match 10, June 14 6pm: Japan v Cameroon (Bloemfontein) Match 25, June 19 3.30pm: Holland v Japan (Durban) Match 26, June 19 10.30pm: Cameroon v Denmark (Pretoria) Match 43, June 24 10.30pm: Denmark v Japan (Rustenburg) Match 44, June 24 10.30pm: Cameroon v Holland (Cape Town)

Match 11, June 14 10.30pm: Italy v Paraguay (Cape Town) Match 12, June 15 3.30pm: New Zealand v Slovakia (Rustenburg) Match 27, June 20 3.30pm: Slovakia v Paraguay (Bloemfontein) Match 28, June 20 6pm: Italy v New Zealand (Nelspruit) Match 41, June 24 6pm: Slovakia v Italy (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) Match 42, June 24 6pm: Paraguay v New Zealand (Polokwane)

Match 13, June 15 6pm: Ivory Coast v Portugal (Port Elizabeth) Match 14, June 15 10.30pm: Brazil v North Korea (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) Match 29, June 20 10.30pm: Brazil v Ivory Coast (Soccer City, Johannesburg) Match 30, June 21 3.30pm: Portugal v North Korea (Cape Town) Match 45, June 25 6pm: Portugal v Brazil (Durban) Match 46, June 25 6pm: North Korea v Ivory Coast (Nelspruit)

Match 15, June 16 3.30pm: Honduras v Chile (Nelspruit) Match 16, June 16 6pm: Spain v Switzerland (Durban) Match 31, June 21 6pm: Chile v Switzerland (Port Elizabeth) Match 32, June 21 10.30pm: Spain v Honduras (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) Match 47, June 25 10.30pm: Chile v Spain (Pretoria) Match 48, June 25 10.30pm: Switzerland v Honduras (Bloemfontein)

Match 49, June 26 6pm: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B (Port Elizabeth) Match 50, June 26 10.30pm: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D (Rustenburg) Match 51, June 27 6pm: Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C (Bloemfontein) Match 52, June 27 10.30pm: Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A (Soccer City, Johannesburg) Match 53, June 28 6pm: Winner Group E v Runner-up Group F (Durban) Match 54, June 28 10.30pm: Winner Group G v Runner-up Group H (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) Match 55, June 29 6pm: Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E (Pretoria) Match 56, June 29 10.30pm: Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G (Cape Town)

Match 57, July 2 6pm: Winner of Match 53 v Winner of Match 54 (Port Elizabeth) Match 58, July 2 10.30pm: Winner of Match 49 v Winner of Match 50 (Soccer City, Johannesburg) Match 59, July 3 6pm: Winner of Match 52 v Winner of Match 51 (Cape Town) Match 60, July 3 10.30pm: Winner of Match 55 v Winner of Winner of Match 56 (Ellis Park, Johannesburg)

Match 61, July 6 10.30pm: Winner Match 58 v Winner Match 57 (Cape Town) Match 62, July 7 10.30pm: Winner Match 59 v Winner Match 60 (Durban)

Match 63, July 10 10.30pm: Loser Match 61 v Loser Match 62 (Port Elizabeth)

Match 64, July 11 10.30pm: Winner Match 61 v Winner Match 62 (Soccer City, Johannesburg)