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A reader notes that the 100th century of Sachin Tendulkar's career even eclipsed India's federal budget in many news reports in that country. Other letters topics: dangerous rice, taxis at a mall, hand gestures, and airline competition.

Sachin Tendulkar's 100th century even knocked India's budget down to second status in many news reports in that country, a reader notes; another reader compliments the Indian batsman's career. Aijaz Rahi / AP
Sachin Tendulkar's 100th century even knocked India's budget down to second status in many news reports in that country, a reader notes; another reader compliments the Indian batsman's career. Aijaz Rahi / AP

Special-needs children are not always in the spotlight (Special needs kids need more support, March 15) so I was pleased to have attended the annual concert at the Dubai Center for Special Needs last Wednesday.

It was a truly spiritual, uplifting experience to see children with such unique talents, innocence and love perform so beautifully.

It is the rest of society that is "disabled" if we do forget that physical ailments have nothing to do with human dignity and soul. Only with an open heart and mind can we start to see what we are missing if we do not accept this special group into our lives.

Niloofar Rouhani, Dubai

Fix taxi system at Al Wahda Mall

I am pleased that Al Wahda Mall is going to expand (Capital set for a huge increase in retail space, March 16), except for one thing: the taxi and parking situation there is dire already, with a single, slow, inefficient queue for taxis.

I hope the planners of this expansion will devote some thinking, and money, to making this last part of the experience better for shoppers.

Muhail Hussain, Abu Dhabi

100 centuries mark great career

Congratulation to Sachin Tendulkar for his 100 centuries in international cricket (Tendulkar's century of centuries, March 17). It is difficult to believe that anyone will touch his record. Long live Sachin.

And we should also say well done Bangladesh. They beat a world-famous cricket team by five wickets. Everybody is correctly praising Bangladesh's team spirit in this big achievement. Now they have to keep this same spirit alive for future matches.

MA Mannan, Abu Dhabi

India's budget is sadly lacklustre

The Indian federal budget (India budget designed to reduce deficit, March 17) was so lacklustre that many Indian news outlets opted to carry Sachin Tendulkar's 100th cricket century as the main news item, followed by the budget.

Indian growth has slowed in the last two years. Rampant graft, declining investments, high inflation and uninspiring leaders have all hurt, and now taxes will go higher and deficit spending will continue.

The budget does nothing to revive the economy or the morale of investors. The minister promises further investments in infrastructure, roads, schools and more, but does not explain where the money will come from. This is sheer economic kite-flying.

The budget underscores the weak political position of the government. It would make sense to have an early election and get a strong government in place.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Hand gestures can cause trouble

The incident described in Client too French for the finger, says lawyer (March 5) reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me last month.

As my French friend and I were driving to a dinner one night, he drove slowly, as we were looking for the right spot. That's when the driver behind us began flashing his headlights.

My friend stuck his hand out in a "my apologies" gesture, similar to a wave. But the driver behind him misinterpreted this as a one-finger insult. This resulted in the other driver getting out of his car and insulting my partner.

Name withheld by request

World's airlines need competition

I was interested in your story BA chief says European airlines must consolidate to survive (March 9).

Is this not what the free market is about? It is about time the European monopoly is broken. By the nature of business, competition is always good for the customers. If an airline fails to deliver, it makes sense for it to lose market share.

Joe Burns, Abu Dhabi

Now even white rice is bad for us

White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes (March 17) is the latest in the endless list of scare stories we hear about food.

Really, sometimes I think it's astonishing that anyone survives dinner. Meat is bad for you. Fat is bad for you. Genetically modified food. Canned food. Plastic-bottled food and drink. Hothouse food. Imported food. Pesticide-treated food. The list just seems to keep getting longer.

Now even white rice? Funny, it doesn't seemed to have stopped life expectancies from increasing in the main rice-eating countries.

Obviously any food will be bad for you in excess, but a balanced diet should not be a problem.

Pat Inglis, Dubai