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Set up aid stations for triathlon at safer locations

Private sector's productivity must be increased to obtain maximum output. Other topics include: Filipina maids, triathlon, lorry cargo, Doctor 'Heart', UAE donation

A reader says the aid stations for the Abu Dhabi Triathlon must be set up at a safer location. Mike Young / The National
A reader says the aid stations for the Abu Dhabi Triathlon must be set up at a safer location. Mike Young / The National

It is important to keep an eye on productivity

I am glad that private-sector employees will get a two-day weekend (Two-day weekend for all employees, February 13). It was long overdue. The private sector differs from the public one in terms of work hours, holidays, off days and wages.

These two sectors, however, can contribute more to the economy if productivity improves. And productivity is directly linked to all these factors.

In this connection, I would also like to point out that Friday is a holiday in the UAE, while in much of the rest of the world it is a working day. Saturday and Sunday are working days in the UAE, while for much of the world they are the weekend.

In effect, businesses in the UAE lose three full market days.

That means businesses in the UAE have to make do with only four working days.

Therefore, productivity must be increased to obtain maximum output. These sectors must focus on productivity as well.

Vijaykumar, India

Maids deserve better wages

I am referring to Maids shunned over minimum-wage demands (February 13). Maids must be paid well because they do all the work for a person who doesn't want to do it for himself or herself.

I hope more countries follow the example of the Philippines and insist that their citizens are adequately remunerated abroad.

Marcus Scorer, UK

I appreciate the move to set the minimum wage for Filipina maids at US$400 (Dh1,469). The cost of living has increased. They deserve a fair deal.

I hope other countries do something for their people who work as domestic help.

These poor people often slog more than many of us.

Furthermore, they leave behind their families to work for other people. Don't they deserve our sympathy?

RR Bambino, Dubai.

Change location of the aid station

I am writing about Abu Dhabi triathlon event puts safety first (February 12).

I think the aid station, where a bad accident happened last year, was in the worst possible spot - after an extremely quick downhill section off the bridge, where the road narrowed.

Please do not put an aid station there again. It's dangerous.

Also, please educate the volunteers on how to hand out water bottles.

Last time, they were running all over the place, because they didn't know how to do it.

Hopefully, more thought will be put into aid station locations this year so as to avoid accidents.

Shaz, Dubai

Strict rules must on lorry cargo

I'm glad federal transport chiefs are reviewing the laws on cargo (Law to end confusion on lorry cargo weights, February 12).

I have been in the trailer manufacturing business in the UAE for the past seven years, and I know what's happening is extremely dangerous.

Sometimes, 75-tonne trailers carry loads of up to 110 tonnes, which is why some tyre manufacturers do not offer warranties on their products. This must stop.

Clay Fernandes, Al Ain

Fitting tributes to Doctor 'Heart'

Patients at Al Ain hospital staff mourn loss of Doctor 'Heart' (February 13) is a touching story.

The tributes paid to the doctor must have provided some comfort to his family.

My father is in the last stages of dementia, and I know what this family went through. My heart goes out to them.

Teri Adams, Abu Dhabi

UAE's generosity is extraordinary

I just read the story, UAE giving year's salary to the grieving families of Al Ain crash dead (February 13) on your website.

The UAE's gesture is extraordinary and we must all learn from this example.

Standing by the poor at their time of need is one of the biggest humanitarian gestures. It also shows that if there is a will, there is a way to help.

I am sure there are many among us who have donated generously to help the families of the victims.

It's also good to know that the authorities have sprung into action to ensure that such accidents do not happen again.

JK, Duabi