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Scots should avoid the EU

A reader writes that an independent Scotland would be wise to shun the European Union; another says Canadians have seen this separation movie. Other letters: archtecture, finance, and expensive hobbies.

First Minister Alex Salmond celebrates with members of his Scottish National Party. Readers warn that Scotland should steer clear of the European Union if it did gain independence. Lakruwan Wanniarachchi / AFP
First Minister Alex Salmond celebrates with members of his Scottish National Party. Readers warn that Scotland should steer clear of the European Union if it did gain independence. Lakruwan Wanniarachchi / AFP

I refer to Brussels raises EU membership questions if Britain breaks up (January 15).

Independent Scotland should certainly not become a member of the European Union.

The UK's membership in the EU has been the greatest disaster to befall Scotland since the 1707 Treaty of Union. The EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) alone is costing Scotland billions in lost wealth creation every year.

The EU has destroyed tens of thousands of jobs through the CFP, and the incompetence of the EU's management of the CFP continues to this day.

What the figures cannot reveal is the amount of personal tragedy and communal disruption that lie behind them: bankruptcies, the uprooting of individuals and families and the destruction of thriving communities with centuries-old cultural traditions.

Major fishing harbours, like Lossiemouth, that were the focus of social and economic life 12 months in the year, are now marinas for a handful of yachts.

Any economic advantages of the EU could be realised through Scottish membership of the 30-member European Economic Area (EEA).

Edward Means, UK

As a Canadian I find the whole Scottish-independence debate to be eerily familiar. Canada has gone through this twice in 32 years over the status of Quebec province.

The grievances, the arguments about cash flows, the struggle over control of referendum timing and the question's wording, issues about membership in international organisations and division of the national debt, Canadians know all about it.

Indeed, the phrase "neverendum referendum", used by David Cameron to describe tension over the timing issue, was coined by a Canadian columnist, Josh Freed.

Daniel Johnson, Dubai

Your article said Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party wants to hold a referendum "in late 2014, around the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn, a famous victory over England"

But the battle of Bannockburn was fought on June 23 and 24, 1314. A referendum in the autumn of 2014 would not be close to the anniversary.

Richard McHarg, UK

Du, Etisalat may have to cut prices

It is commendable that du is protecting consumers from illegal handsets (Du tracking down fake handsets, January 3).

But they should also review the cost of their handsets and be careful not to cut off legal users.

In the competitive mobile market, operators normally subsidise the cost of handsets; revenue is derived from airtime. Du and Etisalat may have to offer lower handset prices to discourage customers from purchasing knock-offs.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Towers seem to be in paper bags

The Al Bahr Twin Towers being constructed on 17th Street look to me like two glass bottles covered by brown paper bags.

I'm sure the solar treatment will reduce the buildings' heat gain but architecturally the triangle screens detract from the towers' elegant glass façades.

I hope the towers can be illuminated in a way which can improve their ugly external treatments.

Peter Ricardo, Abu Dhabi

Add Indian stocks to local bourse

I have a comment on the news report Call for UAE bourses to reduce trading fees (January 16)

Being the costliest does not automatically mean being the best. It is the economic success that decides this.

Also there is an optimum sustainable number of competitors among brokerages.

With too few publicly-traded equities, too many brokerages, low prices of traded equities, and too few interested investors, the bells have started to toll.

The bourses should be aiming to attract equities from other countries to revive the market.

They should look towards India for that.

KB Vijayakumar, Dubai

Hobbies better if others will pay

I refer to the story Racers hindered by lack of funds (January 13), about motor racing.

I also have a very expensive hobby. Please will someone pay for me to do it?

Stuart Watts, Dubai

Article on women was well done

My Life: the modern Muslim woman is who she chooses to be (January 11) was a well-written article.

Why, when there are so many positive points about Islam and women to be made, are some people who hate Islam stuck on the hijab issue? The writer has summed up her feelings in a few paragraphs. Well done.

Mohamed Ismail, Sharjah