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Romney's not so conservative

A reader says the would-be president of the US won't be as conservative as some people think. Other letters topics: education, alcohol and surfing in abayas.

A reader says Mitt Romney's track record suggests that he'd be a moderate president. Saul Loeb / AFP
A reader says Mitt Romney's track record suggests that he'd be a moderate president. Saul Loeb / AFP

Schools should offer choices for study in English

I appreciated Thamer Al Subaihi's analysis of the state of play in the Emirates' education system (Changing education in the UAE for the better, October 17), and your other reporting on this issue.

It seems that parents are in a bind when it comes to their children's schooling.

While public education is free, it may not adequately prepare students for university, largely because it may not provide them with high-level English skills.

At the same time, many parents want subjects such as maths and science to be taught in Arabic rather than English.

I think there is a strong argument here for the early streaming of students who want to study at a tertiary level, or are seeking employment in an area where good English is essential. These students should be instructed in English, and given extra English lessons if required, while they are still at school.

I am sure that the last thing an ambitious young person wants is to spend up to two years in a remedial English course before they can embark on their chosen path.

Jane Rogers, Dubai

Optimism about Philippines peace

I was pleased to read Filipino rebels sign historic peace pact (October 16), and I truly hope that this deal does mark the end to the four decades of conflict between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippines government.

I hope that the new autonomous region prospers.

J Ryan, Dubai

Restricting sales aids alcohol fight

I am writing in reference to New alert on dangers of alcohol addiction (October 7).

Alcoholism and alcohol-related illness, crime and accidents have escalated in Australia and the United Kingdom over the past two decades.

This is due to several factors, including highly sophisticated marketing, increased licensing hours, and political inertia and apathy.

Any attempt by government would be deeply unpopular and would probably be reflected in an election.

Restriction of licensing hours and sales outlets are central to the control of alcoholism. Self regulations and public education are essential components of any strategy but strict regulation of availability is vital in minimising societal damage due to alcohol.

John Spencer, director (retired), West Australian Alcohol and Drug Authority

Movie lacked a certain something

I've been enjoying the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, and yesterday I went to my first screening at the Emirates Palace hotel.

The auditorium was impressive - but there was no place to buy popcorn.

Interesting existential question: is it really a movie if there's no popcorn? DT Delmas, Abu Dhabi


Romney's record is there to be seen

The comment article Rhetoric aside, the US candidates are awkwardly alike (October 16) seemed to me surprisingly naive.

Of course, aspiring Republican candidates, the sensible ones, have to sound right wing to get the approval of the party rank and file, who are pretty extreme.

Mitt Romney did that.

A fairer and more useful test of how Mr Romney would serve as president is his record as governor in Massachusets - which was moderate, not conservative.

Walter Hannigan, US

Surfing sensation could catch on

Regarding Surfing in an abaya? It's a swell idea (October 14), I have worked and surfed in many places around the world, and I am very happy to see people go out and try something new.

I now work in Kuwait and I wish we could get something like this going here. It would be great.

Armando Hernandez, Kuwait

Sim re-registration remains confusing

Regarding Confusion over phone registration deadline (October 17), I'm wondering what measures have been taken by the telecommunication providers to accommodate the huge data processing effort needed for this exercise.

Can't the providers create an online platform to collect, process and validate data electronically?

Also, do either of the providers think that the re-registration process is adding value for their customers? Abdul Manzoor, Abu Dhabi


I have not received any message regarding re-registration, so I haven't completed the process.

What do I do?

P Gokani, Umm Al Quwain