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'Rock-star' president tops the sensible one

US Democrats like Barack Obama, a letter-writer says, but they love Bill Clinton. Other letter topics: pesticide deaths, smoking, rape, fire, and the price of a human life.

A reader notes the entirely different styles of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Michael Reynolds / EPA
A reader notes the entirely different styles of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Michael Reynolds / EPA

Legal action part of recovery for sex-attack victims

Thank you for the article Most sexual assaults are never reported (September 5) and thanks to Dr Mohamed Murad Abdulla, of the Dubai Police, for his thoughtful analysis.

I am one of the nine in 10 who did not report being raped, two years ago, because I feared I would be charged with consensual sex.

There was nothing consensual about it and alcohol was not involved, but as a single western woman, I felt it was not a chance I could take.

I have, however, learnt that, painful as it may be, reporting a sexual assault and going through the judicial process is also part of recovering from the trauma, something I denied myself and with which I still struggle.

I hope that other women who suffer sexual assault will find the support they need to pursue legal action, as this is the only way to begin to stop sexual predators.

In the West, we hear that "rape is an act of violence, not of sex". It is a message that all women in the UAE should shout from the rooftops in our quest to stay safe.

Name withheld

In the US, one in four women will experience some sort of sexual abuse or violence during her life.

Women in American are also ashamed of reporting it, but I can imagine how it would be much more difficult in the UAE.

Teaching respect for women really is key.

K Stoyko, US

Action needed over pesticides

The investigative report, Pesticide 'Bomb' on sale in Abu Dhabi (September 5) was welcome, as are your efforts in trying to spread awareness.

The authorities need to act, as this is not the first time a child has died due to use of these pesticides.

People who knowingly sell a banned substance should face prosecution, otherwise this is just going to happen again.

Many people are clearly ignorant about how dangerous these substances are, don't understand that air-conditioning vents are linked in many apartment buildings, and don't have the common decency to warn their neighbours before they fumigate.

I hope action is taken before we have to read about another tragedy.

Kath Hunt, Abu Dhabi

Just send abusive traveller home

I am writing about the American transit passenger who caused a scene at Dubai airport and is now facing court (Passenger 'insulted UAE and Rulers', September 6).

Why waste more time with this guy? Just send him home and ban him from coming again. Keep it simple.

Ziad Q, Abu Dhabi


Factory inspections must be thorough

In 11 held over fire at firework plant (September 7), it says police will lay charges of homicide.If proven, that is highly unacceptable.

The factory in India was said to be running illegally, and after police had warned the owner to adhere to safety regulations.

I hope the Tamil Nadu authorities are vigilant in inspecting all similar factories and are prepared to take stern action if safety measures are not met.

K Ragavan, India

Convention a tale of two presidents

Dull Obama leaves the faithful less than impressed by his key platform speech (September 8) raises the question: do Americans want a sensible, reliable, no-nonsense president or a rock star to lead them?

I think the reception afforded Bill Clinton earlier at the Democrats' convention gives us the answer.

Michael Peterson, Dubai

What's the price of a human life?

As an American, I'm deeply offended that the US Government feels a man's life is only worth Dh33,000 (Indian fishermen shot by US Navy ask to go home, September 6).

One could buy a used Yaris or Galant for the money given to the victims. It is unacceptable.

J Cogwill, Dubai

Lebanese smokers should battle ban

Regarding Mixed response to Lebanon smoking ban (September 4), Lebanon was a smoker's paradise.

But instead of raising awareness about smoking or making separate places to smoke, they just banned it completely indoors.

I think smokers have the right to smoke where they please. The country is full of smokers and I can't imagine Lebanon without it.

There are more important problems to attend to: fix the electricity and water services, stop the kidnappings and control the illegal weapons first. I hope to see the Lebanese once again able to light up wherever they please.

W Alwazir, US