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Right royal celebration

Britons should be proud of Queen Elizabeth in her jubilee year, a reader says. Other letter topics: racism at the European football championships and pet shops.

A reader says Queen Elizabeth's tireless dedication to duty should be acknowledged. Stefan Wermuth / Reuters
A reader says Queen Elizabeth's tireless dedication to duty should be acknowledged. Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

I refer to your news story Don't boycott finals, says racism victim (June 3). The European championship football tournament that will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine has attracted many concerns and controversies.

Hoteliers charging inflated rates, sex tourism and prostitution, security problems, the killing of stray dogs and cats, hooliganism and racism seem to dominate the headlines.

However, I am quite optimistic about the positive preparations in both countries and about their efforts to stage the tournament safely and securely.

Football is simply for fun; insults, beatings and abuses have no place at all. The citizens of Poland and Ukraine should welcome spectators of all nations, colours and religions.

Ayse Arzu Caglayan, Turkey

Ashamed about attack on official

I am a Hungarian woman living in Dubai with my husband and three small children. I read the article UAE chess official attacked in Hungary (June 4) and was moved to show my empathy.

I am very sorry that Saud Mohammed Al Marzooqi and Salim Abdulrahman were treated this way by Hungarians, and I am ashamed of my countrymen.

Szilvia Harman, Dubai

Flawed account of a great soldier

The king of fruits could be toppled by rain (June 2) was knowledgeable about mangoes but not so solid on history.

Alfonso de Albuquerque was much more than "a Portuguese colonial administrator" and was in fact one of the greatest soldier-explorers of the age of European expansion, although unfairly one of the less-known ones.

Afonso (not Alfonso) de Albuquerque (1453-1515) was an explorer, soldier, strategist and diplomat.

He was the conqueror of Goa, Portuguese viceroy of India and founder of Portuguese power there, and winner of many battles from Ormuz to Malacca.

I'm not trying to defend European colonialism, but this man's accomplishments are truly impressive. To dismiss him as a bureaucrat was unfortunate.

Joao Fernandes, Dubai

Support for shops that don't sell pets

Regarding Bid to stop pet stores selling cats and dogs (June 3), there are alternatives to the shops that are selling pets and contributing to this problem.

No matter what they say, people who buy anything from these shops are indirectly supporting the selling of animals.

Some other shops are doing fine without selling animals, so why not get some social awareness and support them instead?

Name withheld by request, Dubai

Going Gaga on social media

I read on your Holly to Bolly pages (June 3) that to celebrate becoming the first person to gain 25 million Twitter followers, Lady Gaga tweeted: "Wow! I'm feeling like the luckiest girl in the world".

If that is indicative of the missives that made her the most popular person online, it is clear that many people are following her for reasons other than the excellence of her abbreviated prose. Fame by association, perhaps?

Paul Gregory, UK

Concern over long wait at hospital

My family has been going to Khalifa Hospital for more than 10 years. We love the doctors, nurses and support staff.

However, in recent times, it seems the performance of the hospital has deteriorated and it may be understaffed. It takes ages to make an appointment and even then I wait over an hour for a brief consultation.

U Saif, Abu Dhabi


Britain's Queen deserves respect

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth for reigning for 60 years. This is a momentous achievement considering the tumultuous events the world has seen in the past six decades.

The Queen has conducted herself with great aplomb and style all these years. She has shown exemplary character and courage, even when her country or her family was going through tough times.

She is one of the most admired personalities of our times and is fittingly held in high esteem across the globe.

She has developed the skill of being highly involved in public affairs, while maintaining a certain distance and detachment.

Britain should be proud.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai


Britain may no longer be great but, as the Thames river pageant demonstrated, it can still put on a jolly good show.

CJ Bryant, Abu Dhabi