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Revised rules will benefit nurseries

A reader says it is necessary to educate children and adults alike about road safety. Other letter topics include: nursery rules, labour agreement, language, children, visa, Nato, Languedoc fortress.

A reader says tougher rules are necessary for monitoring the nurseries in the UAE. Courtesy Bidayaat
A reader says tougher rules are necessary for monitoring the nurseries in the UAE. Courtesy Bidayaat

It's important to educate children about road safety

I enjoyed reading about Lesley Cully's campaign in the nursery schools of Dubai (Youngsters tune in to the 'buckle up in the back' safety message, May 13).

Ms Cully is doing a great job. It is necessary to educate children and adults alike about road safety. I often see children jumping in the back-seats of the cars and their parents are ignorant about it.

Children should understand the dangers of not buckling up. So many people lose their loved ones to car accidents. These mishaps often happen because of reckless driving.

With traffic moving in high speed on most of the UAE roads and with reckless drivers around, one should always take the maximum safety precautions. Moreover, educating children at an early age might help them to grow up into responsible adults.

Iris Smith, Abu Dhabi

Tougher nursery rules welcome

I appreciate the initiative taken by the UAE's legal authorities (UAE nurseries to face more robust rules, March 25).

Different and more comprehensive rules and regulations are required for early childhood education.

I am sure the revised rules will help new and emerging nurseries in this country to offer better services.

Name withheld by request

GCC labour pact is a good idea

How about GCC countries signing up to international labour agreements on minimum wage, work hours and conditions for domestic workers (GCC told to join forces to help labourers, May 16)?

It's also necessary to enforce the existing law that requires an individual to have access to his or her own passport at all times.

M Carr, Abu Dhabi

Language of trade tends to survive

Different Semitic languages were spoken on the Arabian Peninsula (Pride, culture and history ... all in a manner of speaking, May 18).

Then with the expansion of Islam, Arabic became the language of trade and commerce. Trade of frankincense and myrrh was done in Arabic, and not in other Semitic languages that also helped to build the early civilisations on the Arabian Peninsula.

Tim Upham, UK

Try to say 'no' to your children

Giving fast food to children is what I like to call easy parenting (The immediate effect fast food has on children, May 13). Tell your child "no". Saying it is a lot easier when children are young. When they grow up, they will be much harder to handle.

John Adams, Abu Dhabi

Free zones do not handle visa issues

Is it right to say that Fujairah Free Zone is delaying visas (Clients of Fujairah's Virtuzone rue licence and residence visa delays?, May 8)?

Free zones are generally not responsible for the visa timing, because visas are handled by the immigration department.

Name withheld by request

Nato helped rebels in Libya

I refer to the news article Qaddafi cousin: Egypt sold me out for aid, (May 15).

It is not right to say: "Nato enforced a no-fly zone during the uprising, which proved a crucial boost for rebel groups that eventually ousted Qaddafi and his regime."

Nato served as the air force of the rebels and without its continuous support they couldn't have won.

Wim Roffel, The Netherlands

Languedoc castle is worth a visit

I enjoyed reading the feature article Languedoc-Roussillon: the French region that quietly rocks (May 17).

This piece contains accurate information about some of the nicest places in Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées regions south-west of France.

However, the article does not give details about the "jewel of Languedoc", that is the Carcassonne Castle. It's a brilliant example of a medieval fortress.

Carl J, France