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Replica Taj Mahal not the same

A reader is concerned about plans to reproduced the majestic Indian mausoleum in Dubai. Other letter topics: bad teachers, childcare and Eid expenses.

A reader is concerned about plans to build a replica of India's majestic Taj Mahal in Dubai. Prakash Singh / AFP
A reader is concerned about plans to build a replica of India's majestic Taj Mahal in Dubai. Prakash Singh / AFP

Authorities are right to weed out violent teachers

After reading Teacher who forced boy to strip is fired (October 23), I was glad the Ministry of Education took action and banned her from teaching.

The teacher thought the 12-year-old child was fooling around when he pulled his shirt to his face and sleeves to his palms, saying he was cold. Regardless, stripping him in class is unacceptable.

Physical violence, even by the simplest act, leaves a negative psychological impact on children, sometimes making them hate education.

I remember when I was in first grade, my maths teacher beat me for making a homework mistake. I cried every morning my father dropped me off at school, and I grew up hating maths.

Taking harsh measures against such teachers is a must. Banning her from UAE schools teaches a lesson to other instructors to avoid performing any kind of physical abuse towards young students.

Sherouk Zakaria, Sharjah

Support for Israeli products boycott

I am writing in reference to Europe set for closer trade ties with Israel (October 25).

The Greens party in Australia has already started a boycott of Israeli goods, and I support this action completely.

My heart is with the oppressed.

Frederick Melick, Australia

Replica Taj Mahal saddens the heart

When I first heard about the proposed Taj Arabia project (Falconcity to cost at least $12bn, October 5), I thought about the residents of Agra in India, home of the original Taj Mahal.

A move to recreate the historical Taj Mahal would obviously hurt the feelings of not just Indians, but all those who believe in true family love and affection, as it was built as a symbol of Shah Jahan's devotion to his dead wife.

To me, the Taj Mahal is very much part of the rich history of India's Mughal dynasty, and it has been regarded and respected as such by the whole world for many centuries.

Any attempt to recreate its design would impair the glory of the past.

The proposal involves taking a symbol of true love and creating a monument to contemporary luxury living.

In future, when someone says they visited the Taj, will we have to ask if they mean the Taj Mahal or the Taj Arabia?

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Doctor's views on childcare inspire

Finally, a doctor who talks about parenting being the issue (Are you damaging your child?, October 3).

Thank you, Dr Faye Synder, for being so revolutionary and brave to speak out against all the parents who want to close their eyes to the childcare epidemic that is happening right now.

I am buying a tonne of your manuals and giving them out at my workplace.

J Love, US

Tenants deserve support of law

Landlords defy 5 per cent rent cap (October 25) highlights an outrageous, but not surprising, reality for tenants in Dubai.

I hope the authorities step in to protect those people who are facing eviction if they are not willing or able to pay more than the legal maximum rent increase.

Jane Rogers, Dubai

Don't let holiday costs overwhelm

As reported in Hotel and malls ready for holiday bonanza (October 25), many businesses are expecting to do very well during the Eid break.

While I know this kind of activity is good for the economy as a whole, I hope people spend within their means.

Buying gifts and spending big on consumer items and entertainment has its place - but not if you find yourself deep in debt for months or years after the event.

Kerry Blake, Dubai

Cartoon makes right connection

I refer to Shadi Ghanim's cartoon about the Qatari emir's visit to the Gaza Strip (October 24).

One image speaks a thousand words.

Christof Lehmann, Denmark

Technology has no use-by date

While I substantially agree with the letter Smaller iPads are just the beginning (October 25), I must take issue with one point.

Just because there are improvements to the "big" iPad doesn't mean your old one is obsolete.

My iTouch is four years old. It is technically superseded and unsupported, but it still does the job.

Fergus Smith, UK