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Recipe for tragedy?

A reader says crowd control at concert venues is an important issue. Other letter topics: traditional dress, Syria and star students.

A readers raises concerns about security at a concert by rapper Wiz Khalifa.Kevin Winter / Getty Images
A readers raises concerns about security at a concert by rapper Wiz Khalifa.Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Thank you, Ayesha Ali Al Booshi, for your article How money eroded the popularity of traditional dress (May 28).

As a British Muslim convert, I love to wear the abaya and shayla and think this is a beautiful and elegant way for ladies to cover themselves, both traditionally and from the religious perspective.

It is such a shame that many Emirati ladies are succumbing to the allure of the West and dressing inappropriately. They gain nothing from doing so, only a certain reputation.

The abaya and shayla are beautiful, so please hold on to your traditions and beauty.

Amal Loring, Dubai

Cemetery space an issue in Europe

Space running out for Muslim graves in Berlin (May 26) highlights a common problem faced by Muslims in Europe.

Some land owners in the UK object to Muslims owning graveyards as it means loss of their revenue.

Joe Burns, Dubai

Must artists look the other way?

I am writing in response to No-mingling rule putting a damper on open-mic nights (May 27). It has always been a tradition, with Filipino bands especially, to come into the crowd at the end of the set and shake hands with members of the audience.

I think it is a great pity they are no longer allowed to do this, as it creates a bond of friendliness and, hopefully, loyalty to that band.

What happens now in places where the artists have to walk through the crowd to reach their dressing room? Do they avoid eye contact with the audience?

J Lethbridge, Dubai

It's your right to see police badges

In reference to Men posed as CID to rob man of Dh500 (May 28), I know to ask for police ID if stopped by someone undercover. I know that a policeman cannot ask you to go anywhere with him, unless it is a police station. A real policeman wouldn't be offended if you ask for his ID, as he knows the strict procedures that he has to adhere to.

Do other residents in Dubai know? A guide would be very useful to avoid situations like this and so many others we read about.

J Seymour, Dubai

Urgent solution needed for Syria

Everybody in the Middle East, and throughout the world, should be appalled by the recent events in Syria (Syria massacre blame game, May 28).

All killing is morally wrong, but when it involves innocent children, it is especially senseless and horrific.

I know powerful interests are at work behind the scenes, but the rest of the world cannot idly sit by and watch the carnage continue.

The time for words has passed and the time for action has arrived.

Paul Gregory, UK

Gatecrashing can lead to tragedy

I had never previously heard of Wiz Khalifa, and I'm sure I would not want to go to one of his concerts, but your story Hundreds of youths gatecrash Dubai show (May 27) is cause for great concern.

The story says that 200 teenagers were lingering around the venue for an hour before they pushed down a gate and disappeared into the crowd. Why were they not dispersed before it got to this point?

If you don't have a ticket, you have no reason to be hanging around.

While the worst outcome here seems to be that some of them - those who were not later identified by guards and ejected - got to see the show for free, it could have been much worse.

A lack of crowd control could have led to a tragedy, as it has at concerts in other places around the world where people have been crushed or trampled to death.

P Devereaux, Abu Dhabi

Concern over ID card backlog

Your story says ID centres insist they can handle rush to beat deadline (May 28).

Of course, they are not ready. They should admit that it is a shambles and just another way to try to make money.

James Magee, Dubai

Local knowledge is important

Congratulations to Millennium School pupils Akshaya Shankaran and Kritika Srivastava (Girls beat 900 rivals in green quiz, May 27).

Knowledge of biodiversity, global warming and water scarcity is essential for all young people. As Akshaya said, learning about these things in the context of the UAE is important "because we live here".

Karen Smith, Dubai