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Reality bites in the cricket show

A reader says the state of cricket resembles the plot of the film The Truman Show, where nothing that happened in a man's life was real. Other topics: Nepal, hairstyles and parental negligence.

A reader says the state of cricket is reminiscent of The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey. Courtesy Paramount Pictures
A reader says the state of cricket is reminiscent of The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey. Courtesy Paramount Pictures

Down syndrome children can reach their full potential

I refer to FNC calls for Down syndrome support (June 9).

This is a much-needed call by Dr Amal Al Qubaisi and I am thankful that she has raised this with the FNC. I hope her advice will result in action.

Down syndrome occurs during cell division at the time of conception, so poor nutrition during pregnancy is not a factor. (Of course, good nutrition is still important for development, particularly folic acid supplements prior to and after conception, but this is not linked to Down syndrome).

On the point of screening, even if all couples decided to test during pregnancy, many people would have ethical or religious issues regarding what they should do in this case.

Premarital testing would only reveal the possibility for translocation Down syndrome, which is rare. The most common type of Down syndrome occurs randomly at conception.

Down syndrome is a condition which is compatible with life. Babies with this condition can reach their full potential with some extra support.

All our children deserve this.

Name withheld by request

Negligent parents must be punished

I refer to Child safety needs long term process (June 11).

I believe that anyone who leaves a child in a car deserves jail time for endangerment.

S Bandara, India

'Twisted tower' is a great attraction

I refer to your picture of the new Cayan Tower (Dubai's 'twisted tower' gets a new name, June 11).

This is my favourite building in Dubai - it is mesmerising.

Nathalie Kleinschmidt, Dubai

Revival of board games welcome

It's great to see board games coming back (Bored? Play a board game, June 12).

They used to do this around the campus cafes in Seoul, and I know many other places have also seen a revival of old social-contact games.

M Wyatt, Dubai

Cricket: more like a show than sport

Ajay Jacob's blog post, Cricket - is it for real or just theatre? (June 5) reminded me of this exchange from the 1998 film The Truman Show, when the protagonist discovers his whole life has been a reality television show:

Truman: "Was nothing real?"

Christof: "You were real. That's what made you so good to watch."

The quote captures the emotions associated with the players who are still true to the game.

How many of them are left, though, is a daunting question - and one that is on the mind of every cricket fan.

This brilliant article truly resonates with the current sentiment that surrounds the game.

Priya Narang, India

I am not really a cricket fan, but I wanted to make a comment because I thought this article was wonderful and heartfelt.

I want to commend the writer because it connects so deeply with every sports fan and manages to go beyond cricket.

Vin G, Abu Dhabi

Story captured spirit of Nepal

Mystic mayhem in Kathmandu (June 7) by Rosemary Behan is one of the best articles I have read about the city where I have lived for two years.

Thank you for the excellent story.

James Oglethorpe, Nepal

Hairstyles hit the highs and lows

I am writing about New heights for hairstyles (June 12).

Some women carry these buns nicely; some look very elegant and attractive. But yes, it's true that some of them do look funny.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

Smoke ban may be impractical

It was interesting to read Cabinet in move to cut smoking (June 4).

This is a brilliant idea, but enforcing it will be another matter altogether.

J Thompson, Abu Dhabi