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Readers comment on road safety and rising food prices

Readers also express themselves on Pakistan and India, and on other subjects

Readers take issue with corporations that have complained about food price ceilings. Nicole Hill / The National
Readers take issue with corporations that have complained about food price ceilings. Nicole Hill / The National

I refer to your article Kraft calls for talks with ministry over rising food costs (May 24).

Sorry, but it's hard to feel sympathy for an international multibillion dollar business like Kraft not making enough profits in the UAE and whining about not being able to raise prices.

Cry me a river, Kraft.

Donald Glass, Dubai.

In this hungry world, big companies that supply food are price-makers, not price-takers.

If they grow sufficiently concerned about low, controlled prices, then the next step will be shortages of supply.

We're a long way from that but we want to stay a long way from it.

John Tomlinson, Dubai

Doctors should be faithful to oath

Your story with the headline Doctors banned after turning patients into addicts (May 24) was sad to read.

The practice of medicine is supposed to be a noble profession, one which is focused on alleviating the suffering of humanity.

Incidents such as this one are simply unethical.

Before starting their careers, doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, vowing to serve patients, to reduce their pain and to do no harm.

As far as I am concerned, the majority of doctors are doing a wonderful job, but this service and this incident is unacceptable.

K Ragavan, India

Raise price to curb illicit trade

Your story Taliban delay spring offensive bring in poppy crop (May 24) reminds us that as with other crops, supply and demand are all about the market and cost/benefit analysis.

Whether any particular drug is good, bad or otherwise is irrelevant.

As long as there is demand for any mind-altering substance, there will be supply, full stop.

The only effective way to limit use is to find ways to drive the price up.

Malcolm Kyle, New York

Good advice - for ostriches

Justin Martin concludes his opinion article In the race for the Oval Office, fear of Islam is just noise (May 24) this way:

"I say, when you hear about a fork in the road - especially when it comes to nonsensical political rhetoric - ignore it."

Ignore it. Perfect slogan from one Democrat to his fellow ostriches.

Ted Baxter, Abu Dhabi

Reduce, enforce speed limits

Road crashes, like the one mentioned in Father and two children killed in head-on crash in Al Ain (May 24), can be prevented only by reducing, managing and enforcing lower speed limits.

In the UAE, thousands of people died over the past 10 years in road crashes. Speeding has been the main killer.

Reducing the speed limit and enforcing it should be the top priority of the police, the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Ministry of Interior. In Dubai, police and Road and Transport Authority (RTA) have successfully prevented many casualties.

Sumi Tiwari, Abu Dhabi.

India is not Pakistan's enemy

President Barack Obama has done well by advising Pakistan to stop seeing India as Pakistan's existential threat.

This is the soundest advice any president has ever given to Pakistan. No Indian wants to squander time in another war. Indians want to progress economically, that is it.

Indians will be happy if Pakistan gives up its belligerency and devotes its resources to improving the lives of its citizens. They are the biggest victims of misrule, violence and terrorism. It is time for Pakistan to weed out terrorism and focus on economic growth.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Hey everybody! I'll buy lunch!'

Thank you for Manar al Hinai's article Want to go out for something to eat? Meet you halfway (May 14).

I would like a change from high-priced restaurants. Sometimes when I get the bill I feel that I am paying for all the people who are having lunch or dinner there.

Middle-priced, good-quality restaurants would do well.

Name withheld by request

Will planned park have room to grill?

I refer to Pond park set to open in al Barsha (May 24).

My kids love parks. I hope we can grill in the new al Barsha park.

Ruben Villas, Dubai