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Readers comment on Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal

They also suggested more regulations for the property sector and commented on a Dubai blasphemy court case.

Readers comment on Dominque Strauss-Kahn's scandal and what his future prospects are . Horacio Villalobos / EPA
Readers comment on Dominque Strauss-Kahn's scandal and what his future prospects are . Horacio Villalobos / EPA

As embarrassing as it is, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is not so much a victim of the justice system as he is a victim of the media that surround people of importance when they are accused. (Strauss-Kahn arrest 'a set-up', say 6 out of 10 French May 19).

The rich have the advantage of hiring expensive lawyers but also the disadvantage of having their legal affairs made public. He can take comfort in the fact that if he is indeed innocent, he will wag the dog all the way to the Elysee Palace.

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

"Cheese eating surrender monkeys!" The Simpsons show sure had a way with words when tossing a brick at the French and this phrase has certainly resurfaced this week with the accusations of sexual misconduct levelled at Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF chief, in New York.

There can be little doubt that, martially speaking, the French had a tough 20th century. But history has its ways too.

It wasn't so long ago, a mere two centuries, when French troops were the unquestioned elite practitioners of the art of war under Napoleon.

We often seem to hear how the Yanks had to pull the French's chestnuts out of the fire in both World Wars but less seems to be said of the French naval aid, among other forms of assistance, that helped secure American independence which was by no means a foregone conclusion in the early 1780s.  Is there an American martial figure who can compare with Napoleon?  I'm hard pressed to think of anyone who even comes close.

Graham Wride, Abu Dhabi

Animal smuggling is not 'cool'

The article More suspects in animal smugglingcase (May 19) exposes a society that is totally out of touch with the planet.

Anyone who today in 2011 believes that it is "cool" to deplete the natural resources of ecosystems, or who believes it is "fashionable" to place wild animals in cages at their homes, when they should be out in the wild, has no real contact to our fragile beautiful Earth.

Michael S, Dubai

Buyers fund from scratch

I refer to the article Central Bank curbs property speculators (May 19).

Many property projects are completely funded by investors. Developers should be required to put in their own money. On Al Marjan Island in RAK, for example, developers did not put a penny of their own money into a project. All were entirely funded by investors whether or not they were buying to live or invest. Developers then put up a "wall of silence" when investors tried to get information. A lack of trust and transparency in the UAE property market? Surely not.


Property plans lack credibility

Some property exhibitions held in the UAE by foreign developers lack credibility. They typically promise completion within four years and buyers will be asked to start paying for their property.

However, some buyers from the UAE have been cheated with no delivery on time or of the promised quality. In some cases, the property does not even belong to the builder. For that reason, UAE authorities should come up with measures to monitor property exhibitions.

Developers or their representatives who participate should be required to submit necessary documents and a letter of reassurance, which should be approved by authorities. These guarantees should be provided to prospective buyers at the location of the exhibition.

I hope such regulations will help avoid fraud in the property sector which has affected many customers from the UAE.

RM, Abu Dhabi

Big miss on major championship

I am just wondering why The National didn't run a story about the Ice Hockey World Championship, held in Slovakia.

It's the world's greatest ice hockey players, not lawn bowls. There was no word of the final match which was held on Sunday.

Two of the world's greatest teams playing against each other. It was between Finland and Sweden, two of the greatest rivalries on the planet.

J Renell, Abu Dhabi

Briton blasphemy not surprising

I was not surprised when I read your article Man in court on charge of insulting the Prophet (May 18). There is a growing anti-Muslim hysteria caused by negative media coverage.

Islamophobia has reached an epic proportion, much like anti-Jewish xenophobia before.

Name withheld by request