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Reader's praise for story of Palestinian poet

Letters comment on young drivers, lift maintenance, Dubai Metro's feeder buses and analysis of US economy.

A reader expresses admiration for the poet Hind Shoufani's contribution to women's literature. Courtesy of Karen Kalou
A reader expresses admiration for the poet Hind Shoufani's contribution to women's literature. Courtesy of Karen Kalou

I refer to two stories that appeared on the same page on June 10. Youths urged to use time wisely says that young people are closer to God when they make good use of their free time. The other article, The young people who may never grow old, features quotes from young drivers such as "I love the adventure; I love to speed" and "I feel excited when I do it, I feel the danger".

Young men should understand that motor vehicles are potentially lethal machines, not outlets in their pursuit of a thrill.

They should let off steam during leisure time. It is, as one young driver says, "in the hormones".

This urgently calls for mobile speed traps, severe demerit points, lower speed limits and strictly enforced fines and imprisonment.

Many countries have realised that the answer lies in sport: compulsory sport during the week and weekends for all ages at school, the active promotion of sport at university and work places, and the provision of sporting facilities, not just for elite athletes but for everyone.

The desire for excitement and manliness is thereby channelled into activities that are not only exhausting physically and mentally but help young people live happier, healthier and longer. Only then, everyone can indeed grow old.

Richard McLauchlan, Dubai

Besides the fact that the police now have two licensed drivers who admit to excessive dangerous speeding, it is alarming that they actually brag about the danger. They are university students and admit they speed as high as 320kph.

First they should be seriously fined and monitored if they show this behaviour. "It's fun," one man says. "You cannot stop."

These reckless and immature drivers may not be able to "stop the fun", but I would hope with all my heart that the UAE police and authorities could put a swift stop to such drivers.

At a minimum, take them immediately off the road by impounding their cars and taking away their licences.

They put my family and every other family in the UAE at risk every time they drive on the Emirates' roads.

Alan Branson, Abu Dhabi

Trapped in an old lift in Musaffah

On June 2, my friend was trapped in the lift in the Spinneys Building in Musaffah for more than an hour. He tried the emergency bell but there was no answer from anyone. Finally he managed to contact his friend and they came and helped him to escape.

In view of the above incident, I would like to suggest to the authorities that old lifts in Musaffah need to be inspected and certified and also someone must monitor that proper maintenance is carried out by the contractors. This will definitely save users from being trapped in the lift.

Nujum Niyaz, Abu Dhabi

Buses ease metro commute

While Dubai Metro is doing a great job of opening more metro stations, the feeder bus services are unable to keep up with it. (Dubai Metro alters train times before new stations open, October 12).

A case in point is Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), an area where many commercial organisations and others are looking to open their corporate headquarters.

Unfortunately this station is bursting at its seams with road-side cars parked there.

I have noticed parking problems on the roads due to lack of bus stops for bus route No 365.

I counted 120 cars parked at a distance of 2km from a RAK Bank building. Some RAK Bank employees told me that the bank has tried very hard to get RTA to make bus stops available to make connection with Rashidia Metro Station speedy and convenient but to no avail.

It takes 2km for a resident of Dune to find a bus stop connecting Route 365 with Rashidia. Property prices of DSO are also going down since there is no way to commute.

A better bus service would enable Dubai residents to commute to DSO. This will fill the Metro and empty the roads.

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai

Contribution to modern literature

Thank you Anna Seaman for this awesome article Telling a Palestinian story through poetry: Hind Shoufani (June 4). Hind Shoufani is truly a great poet and her artistic contribution and language with all what is happening with the Arab Spring is just a gift to modern women's literature.

Louise Keller Thomas, Berlin

Solid analysis of US economy

Nick March's article On the US economy, it's now or never for President Obama (June 10) is a sane, thoughtful, fact-based article on US politics.

Ted Baxter, Dubai