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Reader defends Michael Schumacher's performances

Readers' letters also discuss poorly paid teachers, endangered species, Etihad Rail, small shops and the air safety initiative.

Readers defend the Formula One champion Michael Schumacher against detractors, who have criticised him during his comeback bid. Mark Horsburgh / Reuters
Readers defend the Formula One champion Michael Schumacher against detractors, who have criticised him during his comeback bid. Mark Horsburgh / Reuters

In reference to the front page news article Schools hit by teacher turnover of 60 per cent (May 11), Asian schools like their teachers to provide an international standard education for their students, but they provide the teachers with salaries appropriate to India. The cost of living is high in this country.

Even teachers aspire to have their children become doctors and engineers, but they can't afford to pay for their education because they receive a mere Dh1,250 to Dh2,500 per month.

The Ministry of Education should kindly consider increasing the salary for the Asian community teachers from existing salaries for 18 hours of duty per day without overtime (including work taken home).

There should be a minimum wage set of around Dh5,000 to Dh6,000, considering the expense of living in this country. We have bachelor's and master's degrees, but get paid less than a bus driver.

CC, Dubai

Preserve species through cloning

I refer to Scientists inDubai plan 'frozen zoo' for cloning (April 2). I think conservation of these endangered species - the Arabian Leopard, the oryx, the mountain goat - should be given priority. Otherwise we will be answerable to our future generations.

Andrew Magray, Abu Dhabi

Questions about railway network

The business article Etihad Rail project on track (May 11) reported that Etihad Rail has awarded contracts to two US companies to manage the construction of the UAE's first rail network.

There already are excellent road-related infrastructure, adequate transport systems, trucks, terminals, skilled and very cheap drivers and operators in the UAE for freight transport.

Why waste precious resources, time, money and material on a highly ambitious new system?

A rail-based freight system will also need the import of skilled and costly manpower and technologies.

Sumi Tiwari, Dubai

Rooting for Schumacher

I refer to the sports article Schumacher left behind by young drivers (May 10), which described how the former world racing champion Michael Schumacher is being outclassed by younger, better drivers.

It's true that Schumacher has been outperformed by Nico Rosberg since his return to the Formula One circuit. But things have moved on since Schumacher left and he doesn't have a team built around him anymore, nor can he do anywhere near the amount of testing he used to do.

His results haven't been shocking, though. He's just been a bit slower than Rosberg so far. His lap times during the races have usually been quite good.

So, I wish people would stop saying he should retire and instead congratulate him for coming back and, at the age of 42, being able to still battle it out with much younger drivers and pull in pretty good times.

I'm impressed that he's sticking it out and remaining upbeat. A lot of other people in his position would have just given up when the going got tough.

Chris Barnard, Abu Dhabi

I have just lost all respect for the sportswriter and former F1 driver Johnny Herbert. What an incredible insult to all the great drivers who raced against Schumacher. These include Senna, Prost, Hakkinen, Alonso, Hill and Montoya.

It's no coincidence that he beat every teammate he ever had, including Herbert, before his retirement. I just wish all these ex-British Formula One drivers would lose the incredible chip they have on their shoulder about Schumi. The only one who appears not to hold a grudge is Damon Hill, who probably has more right than anyone.

MM, Abu Dhabi

Small shops are beautiful

I refer to Small is beautiful for the capital's young Emirati shoppers (May 7). I leave my home and at the first turn I stop in front of the "dekkan", or small grocery shop, just to get a fast snack or a fizzy drink. I meet my friends who live nearby and we just chill in front of the dekkan and order more food every five minutes. You cannot do that in front of a hypermarket, so I hope these dekkan shops always exist because they hold a lot of beautiful memories.

Mohammed Ahmed, Abu Dhabi

Welcome air safety initiative

This is with reference to the article Drink and drug tests for pilots and staff (May 11), which reported that random tests will become an official requirement starting in November for all UAE-based airlines. This initiative from the UAE's General Civilian Aviation Authority is a welcome one and should be followed strictly.

K Ragavan, India