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Reader defends David Caruso, and his sunglasses

Letters also comment on controlling school fees, Libya, exported cattle and housing woes.

A reader begs to differ with an opinion article about the merits of the TV series CSI Miami. She also loves David Caruso's character Horatio Caine - and his sunglasses. Ron P Jaffe / CBS via Getty Images
A reader begs to differ with an opinion article about the merits of the TV series CSI Miami. She also loves David Caruso's character Horatio Caine - and his sunglasses. Ron P Jaffe / CBS via Getty Images

In reference to the front page news article Schools overcharging for books and transport (June 7), the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) needs to do three things.

First, just say "no". Put the breaks on this nonsense of asking for fee increases that exceed the cost of living increases.

Secondly, give parents a real voice. Make the whole process of requesting fee increases more transparent to the people who are paying the fees.

Thirdly, give us a real choice. Force schools to announce (and therefore justify) their intentions to raise fees, and by how much, to parents and make them do it before the deadline to change schools.

The current system puts all the burden on the parents to come up with whatever extra money that the schools and Adec approve, without giving the parents a voice. The timing of the fees announcements is also suspicious because it comes after the deadline to apply for other schools. This means parents are more or less forced to stay where they are until the following year when it's nearly certain the fees will be raised again.

Here's a guideline: when it costs more than a US college education to send a third grader to school, something is broken (and the parents are broke).

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

UAE provides an example on Libya

The article UAE updates UN on Libya measures (June 8) provided details on the many humanitarian aid projects that the country has established in Libya. The UAE has been very chivalrous on the Libyan issue and extended a helping hand.

I hope that other Arab countries will follow suit. These assets will help the Libyans later with reconstruction endeavours. Such aid could alleviate the current anguish in Libya and help heal the wounds of people there.

Emad Jasim, Abu Dhabi

Gloomy outlook for exported cattle

With reference to the news article Cruelty in abattoirs outrages Australians (June 5), it is stated that trade would be resumed with Indonesia after proper treatment of live cattle was assured. This is really ridiculous. Australia has been supplying Indonesia with machines and know-how for over a decade, to no avail. Crooked politicians and eager exporters of Australian cattle will be happy with assurances.

However it is virtually impossible to monitor these assurances overseas, even in the so-called clean abattoirs.

The best way would be to make the cattle export ban permanent and total.

This would be the just result of 10 years of unwanted suffering of voiceless creatures who have already paid the blood price along with torture beyond words.

PM, Abu Dhabi

The article was indeed thought-provoking and will serve as an eye-opener for everyone involved in such brutal acts, be it a country or an individual. We are doubtless aware that there is a dignified way of killing an animal which has been found to be neglected in most of the abattoirs in Indonesia, as the documentary footage certifies.

Bidda Jones, the chief scientist of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, stated that the cattle export industry, although aware of this for a long time, remained insensitive to such acts. This calls for enforceable legislation in every country.

Prakash Manhapra, Dubai

Facing common housing woes

The news article Dreams of homes in India sour (June 7) reported that Indian expatriates have lost their savings by investing in housing developments in Kerala.

I could have used this advice before losing my money in Ras al Khaimah.

The key is understanding how development is being funded. If it is all investors and the payments are not linked to construction, you should walk away.

Off plan is a lottery whether the developer is experienced or not.

AW, Dubai

A fan of Horatio's sunglasses

In reference to Ali Khaled's opinion article No shortage of good TV shows - except on my television (June 8), I could not agree more in regards to the total dearth of up-to-date television shows available on OSN. We pay for the "privilege" to watch endless repeats of years-old programmes. The live rugby is basically the only reason we even bother.

But I must strenuously disagree about his comments about CSI Miami and Horatio Caine or H as he is known in our house. I think that he is a very Shakespearean character and I love the sunglasses. So there!

But I do not have such love for the programmers at OSN, alas.

Lee-Avinne O'Farrell, Abu Dhabi