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Rapt with rapper's generosity

A reader says 50 Cent deserves recognition for donating some proceeds of his headphone sales to the Dubai Autism Centre. Other topics: grey-market Apples, cancer treatment and mobile phones.
A reader praises rapper 50 Cent, who is helping to raise funds for the Dubai Autism Centre. Enno Leanza / Keystone
A reader praises rapper 50 Cent, who is helping to raise funds for the Dubai Autism Centre. Enno Leanza / Keystone

Cancer patient praises standard of care in UAE

I am writing in reference to Cancer screen follow up shunned (November 10). I can attest to the fact that treatment for cancer is absolutely the very latest and the very best at Tawam hospital in Al Ain.

I was faced with the decision to go abroad for treatment or to be treated here, and I am so glad that I decided to stay.

It is a long, difficult process, which would only be made more difficult by being in a strange place without the support of my family and friends.

Even though I am American, I feel that I have received the best standard of care that is on par with that available in US hospitals.

I have seen both of my parents treated for cancer in the US and apart from the cosmetic differences, the care is the same.

I cannot say enough good things about Tawam hospital and the dedicated team there.

C Al Marzouqi, Al Ain

Perplexed about grey-market tech

Jacky's pulls plug on grey market Apples (November 12) has me somewhat intrigued.

While I understand that many people want to own the latest technology, I've never understood why so many people have been prepared to pay well over the odds just to get something a few weeks before everybody else.

It's particularly curious when the product is of unknown provenance.

Trevor Long, Abu Dhabi

Two tragic cases raise one question

I am writing about two tragic court cases reported in your newspaper on November 12.

One involved an Ethiopian maid who was whipped with electrical wire and scalded to death (Maid tortured for her 'laziness'), and the other involved a boy who was run over (Crash driver 'did not mean boy, 12, to die').

In both cases, the defendants reportedly said they did not intend for their victim to die.

As Chief Justice Sayed Abdul Baseer asked when hearing the first case: how can you kill somebody unintentionally?

If you torture somebody or aim a car at them, you must know that death is a possible outcome.

Charles Bryant, Abu Dhabi

Aims of debt law should be clear

First step on road to new bounced cheque law (November 12) is certainly good news.

While being in debt should not be a criminal offence, it is also true that any change to the law should not be seen as a licence to borrow money you can't repay.

The aim of any new law should be that banks lend responsibly and that people borrow responsibly, with the full intention of paying back what they owe.

RN Major, Abu Dhabi

Stay off the mobile when on the road

Motor bikes, mobiles and chat-up a fatal combination says minister (November 12) rings so true.

In India, the use of two-wheelers and mobile phones is increasing day by day. Youngsters talking to their friends while riding is leading to major accidents.

This has become a global problem, and I think it's time for governments to step in and control this behaviour.

K Ragavan, India

Huge bill sends an essential message

I was astounded to read Leak lands family with Dh54,000 water bill (November 12). My last combined monthly water and electricity bill was nearer Dh54.

The serious side to this, of course, is that water conservation is a must everywhere on the planet, and especially so when you live in a desert nation. Noel Adams, Abu Dhabi


Sale of love letters not satisfactory

I was disturbed to read Sotheby's to auction Mick Jagger's handwritten love letters (November 12).

While I do not know the personal and financial circumstances of the seller, Marsha Hunt, and I hold no brief for Jagger, it seems to me that it is in very bad taste to sell something as intimate as a love letter.

Surely Jagger meant them to be seen by her eyes only. I would be disappointed if I were him.

Jane Rogers, Dubai

Rapt with rapper's generous gesture

I'm no fan of rap music, but I'm a big fan of anybody who has influence and uses it in a worthy way.

For that reason I was delighted to read 50 Cent donates to autism centre (November 12), where it's reported that the rapper is giving a share of the profits from sales of his SMS Audio headphones to the Dubai Autism Centre this month.

Peter Busch, Dubai

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