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Qaddafi should step aside to save lives in Libya

Readers respond to The National's coverage.

A reader commemorates Elizabeth Taylor's career in film which touched the lives of millions. AP
A reader commemorates Elizabeth Taylor's career in film which touched the lives of millions. AP

Absolute power corrupts a person absolutely. This has proved more than true as Col Muammar Qaddafi hangs on to power at the cost of great loss of lives of his own people and the destruction of Libya.

At a time when a semblance of normality was returning to Iraq after a long spell of bloodbath and turmoil, the descent of yet another Arab country into the same situation is a matter of grave concern for the entire region. In an attempt to enforce a UN mandated no-fly zone, western fighter jets are carrying out a bombing campaign over Libya, resulting in more loss of lives. This is something nobody had desired. The dictator mentality of Col Qaddafi who cannot think of relinquishing power is primarily responsible for this kind of situation.

This is the time for serious introspection for the powers in this region. Cosmetic changes will not do. Some countries have tried to pacify the people by increasing salaries and giving them more material benefits. But the real aspirations of the people do not lie in these things. It goes much beyond that.

Muneer Ahmad, Abu Dhabi

A question about justice in Kashmir

This has reference to Jayan Nair's comment on Pakistan to forget Kashmir and break military ties with China (Pakistan needs a shift of targets, March 21).

China of course is far greater than India, economically and militarily. Mr Nair fears if China docks in Pakistan, India will have terrible nightmares. I don't think this is a reality. China has always accommodated its neighbours and smaller allies while India has a sinister and imperialistic policy.

It is this imperialistic desire which urges Mr Nair to state that Pakistan must forget Kashmir. Needless to say, Kashmir is not part of India as it continues to be disputed. Yes, Mr Nair wants Pakistan to forget about Kashmir, so that India does not go under the microscope for the deaths of thousands of innocent Kashmiris who demand their right of self determination. The human rights abuse by the Indian occupation forces in Kashmir has been authenticated by an recent Amnesty International report which has corroborated the claims of locals of mass murder, enforced disappearances, and the arrest and torture of thousands of Kashmiri youngsters by Indian security forces.

Pakistan is a nation that supports the Kashmiris in their struggle. The Kashmir freedom movement is internationally recognised and supported.

Amir Shah, Abu Dhabi

A moral collapse in Indian capital

The 8 to 9 per cent GDP growth rates, of which India is so proud, stand dwarfed by the spate of corruption and economic mismanagement. India's capital Delhi is now becoming renowned as the epicentre of frauds, scandals and scams.

Manmohan Singh is losing credibility as the prime minister of India. He has failed to restrain his cabinet colleagues, who have misused their offices for financial gain. It is a paramount duty olf the prime minister of any country to ensure honest government and prevent theft.

This is a key responsibility in a country like India which is liberalising and therefore provides ample opportunities for theft. The moral rot in Delhi is percolating down to small towns and villages. There is absolute cynicism about all politicians and public officials.

Rajendra K Aneja, India

Demolition of villas is unfair

The news story Uproar over villa demolitions (March 22) is a good example of one of the problems caused by inexperienced management. It is obvious to me that the landlord in this case should have been charged with fraud, ordered to return the money that the tenants have already paid and, after all of the money has been returned, the tenants should be allowed to live there for a few months until they can find a new place to go.

Instead of attacking the problem (the landlord), the authorities go after those that are least capable of defending themselves. This is just wrong.

I have learnt how this works after living here for three years and it changes the way people think and act. For example, when a clerk makes a mistake, I have found that if I approach the manager of the establishment, he will simply sack the clerk and make no effort to prevent future mistakes of the same type.

Terry Horton, Al Ain

In mourning for Elizabeth Taylor

I refer to World mourns for movie queen (March 24). The 79-year-old, Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor is no longer with her movie fans. Hollywood lost a wonderful actress who established her name very well, particularly in her portrayal of Cleopatra. She was a stylish and versatile actress loved by millions.

K Ragavan, India