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Publish names of speed offenders who are diplomats

Readers write letters addressing speeding diplomats, sports issues in cricket and football, abuse of maids, a recovering Saudi developer and teaching childen to cook

A reader advises Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney to accept his punishment of a two-match ban for using foul language in public during a match against West Ham United. Matthew Peters / Getty Images
A reader advises Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney to accept his punishment of a two-match ban for using foul language in public during a match against West Ham United. Matthew Peters / Getty Images

The front page news article 140kph?That's not very diplomatic driving ... (April 6) reported that a female driver with a child was caught speeding but claimed diplomatic immunity. She should still be given the citation, although it would not be enforceable. The citation should also be published using her name and nationality.

The names of diplomats should be published and they should know that there are still consequences to their actions. Perhaps the department of child and family services should step in and see in what other ways children are being abused. Yes, diplomats have immunity, however they can still be expelled from the country.

Eric Sandler, Abu Dhabi

Culling weak ICC teams is wise

The International Cricket Council has decided that some weak performing teams like Kenya, Canada, Netherlands and Ireland will not play in the next World Cup. This is a wonderful decision. The performance of these teams in the recent World Cup has been pathetic. It was torturous to watch them play. They lacked skill, talent and even seriousness. They seemed to have come for a holiday.

These teams do not meet the minimum standards of competent cricket. They have been rightly barred. Bangladesh also needs to watch out. Its performance ranged from miserable to below-average. It could face the axe next time around like Kenya.

I also suggest that the Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi should attend English speaking, diction and grammar classes. Every time he spoke on TV, he was utterly confusing because he mixes his verbs and adverbs. A captain must know how to talk to the international media. If he cannot speak, he should just stay quiet.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Rooney should take his medicine

The sports article The less said the better (April 4) commented on the scandal involving Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United striker who faces a two-match suspension for uttering foul language during a game. Why should the respect to referees and fans seem to pass Rooney by?

On one hand, he's for it, but when the situation turns against him, he has no respect for the game. He should take the ban and the club should stop backing him on something millions of people have seen on TV and the internet. Man U coach Alex Ferguson should realise that there is not one rule for Manchester United and other rules for everyone else.

Michael Nowak, Abu Dhabi

Crack down on abuse of maids

In reference to Saudi maids ban 'may cause ripples' (April 5), this ban is long overdue. Host family members should be taught what is acceptable and what is not. Those who abuse maids should face strict penalties, including heavy fines. Only then will people take heed of laws and regulations.

Davud Burns, UK

Hope for Saudi developer

The business article Developer's cash flow a cause for irritation (March 29) reported on the diminishing cash balance of the Saudi developer Emaar Economic City (EEC). EEC's stock performance has recently been lagging behind expectations.

Affected by the global macroeconomic crisis, the company has faced somewhat sluggish investor appetite, a reduction in real estate demand, and a dry environment of bank lending. EEC's stock today seems to be significantly undervalued and promises enormous upside potential due to the following factors:

The value of the EEC land bank has significantly appreciated in the past 12 months.

The real estate sector has been recovering substantially at the global and local level in the past six months, which translates into increased demand for Saudi real estate projects.

Bank lending is gradually resuming, which means that EEC can leverage its investments at a reduced cost of capital, significantly enhancing returns to shareholders.

Rashid Faruqi, Saudi Arabia

Cooking with small fry

I enjoyed the article about cooking with small children, Small fry in the kitchen (April 6). The books and cooking classes reviewed cater for children five years and above, but good eating habits need to start earlier than that, as anyone with a broccoli-refusing two-year- old knows.

Our recently turned three-year- old is quite adept in the kitchen, and has enjoyed helping out since she was about 18 months old.

We've found the website Hattie's Kitchen to be a great source of ideas for cooking with the very little ones.

Emma Smart, Abu Dhabi