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Protests in Ukraine are about financial incentives on offer

Some of the thousands of protesters who want Ukraine to align itself with the European Union and not Russia, as the country’s president proposes, make sure their views are heard at a rally in Kiev. Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP Photo
Some of the thousands of protesters who want Ukraine to align itself with the European Union and not Russia, as the country’s president proposes, make sure their views are heard at a rally in Kiev. Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP Photo

The massive protests that have been sweeping Ukraine’s capital for a month now worry me a lot (Ukrainian president attempts to calm protesters, December 11).

I clearly see that the protests, which started as a peaceful demonstration backing the country’s European integration but soon turned into a massive nationwide protests against the authorities, will not result in the impeachment of President Yanukovych, withdrawal of the government and dissolution of parliament,

However, trade and political agreements that were expected to be signed at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius in November between the EU and Ukraine has obviously been put on hold.

Yanukovych’s decision to align with Russia instead of the EU was the result of a recession in the country lasting for more than a year that has made foreign funding necessary to avoid a default. I believe his pro-EU talk was genuine, but also to get a bailout loan.

Russia has been working aggressively to stop the deal between the EU and Ukraine, and to lure Ukraine into its own Moscow-led customs union by presenting loans and price discounts.

I hope the mass demonstration against President Yanukovych’s U-turn away from the EU and towards Russia will end soon and talks between government and opposition will bring some solutions to the very tense situation that Ukraine is living today,

On the other hand, the EU should not inspire such protests to steal an ally of Russia and cause harm to a country that is already not very wealthy. Also Russia should not exploit Ukrainians until there is not a rouble left to take.

Ali Sedat Budak, Abu Dhabi

Sharjah deserves its time to shine

Your Editorial, Sharjah takes its turn in spotlight (December 11) was an interesting read.

Among the seven Emirates, Sharjah is known as cultural emirate and has attracted millions of tourists. Developing both in cultural and education institutes  by the ruler is one speciality and certainly Sharjah will earn its time in the spotlight and add fame to the United Arab Emirates.

K Ragavan, India

Indian poll results reflect economics

With regard to your news item about the recent elections in India (Indian rupee, stocks rally as BJP’s electoral success lifts confidence, December 9) in which the ruling Congress party was routed in four key states, including the capital, Delhi, this is due to rotten governance in the last five to six years.

Corruption has become an infectious disease in India, in epidemic proportions. Ordinary citizens are unable to get anything done without having to pay bribes for even minor official services like getting an identification card.

Second, inflation of everyday essentials like onions and tomatoes has been to the tune of 25 per cent to 50 per cent. This has brought untold misery to the poor and lower middle classes. The annual growth rate in the country has slipped from a high of 9 per cent to below 5 per cent.

Third, the reactions of the government to these issues is utter indifference. The common person in India does not feel that he is part of national concern or process. They feel they have no recourse or access to any authority about the inconveniences they face.

Next, people are also frustrated and exasperated with the brand of dynastic politics being fostered by the Congress, Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi, the unofficial candidate for prime minister. They seem remote and unconnected with the problems of ordinary Indian.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

UN report means Assad cannot hide

This is the first time Bashar Al Assad has been directly accused of war crimes by the UN (UN evidence on Syria war crimes ‘implicates Assad’, December 2).

The noose is tightening around Mr Al Assad.

The Geneva talks might help him escape the gallows, but finally he will fall into his own trap. The world is too small a place for him to hide.

It’s sad but true that by the time his end comes, many more thousands of Syrians will perish.

Mohammed Abu Amin, Dubai

Flats should be at a quieter station

With regard to your story, RTA plan to develop apartment towers above Dubai’s busiest metro station (December 10), they should build flats on a less busy station, or people will not use the metro.

Edwin Panopio Herrera , Dubai

This will be a great location for people that rent because they will enjoy the convenience of being as close to public transportation as possible.

This will exclude the long wait for the metro and people will be more prompt for scheduled appointments.

Julia Miller, Detroit