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Protect computer systems against attackers

In reference to the article On the trail of cyber crooks (December 16), the computer systems in the UAE are not secure. They are easy to hack.

In reference to the article On the trail of cyber crooks (December 16), the computer systems in the UAE are not secure. They are easy to hack. There is a failure to protect data from attackers or hackers these days.

At college, I studied network security for four months. My teacher said: "Every prevention eventually fails." That is what I was interested in learning from that teacher. I believe that we need a policy to discuss about the plans and structures of network security. After that, we can set up safer systems to protect data from hackers or abuse. Thank you for warning the UAE people who don't know about hackers who can access everyone's personal computers.

Khaled Khaed, Abu Dhabi


Congratulations to Hanadi al Zaabi and Asma Aidrous, fourth-year Information Security students at Zayed University and the first Emirati women to be awarded an ethical hacking certificate from the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants. They really did encourage me to pursue this certification as I am majoring in this area. We need such people to be in this field as it becomes more and more in demand.

Hamda al Ali, Abu Dhabi


No support forces teacher exodus

I had no training and no support other than western teachers in my school who could only offer me words of encouragement. To say that Adec has translators at the ready to help is nonsense. No support was offered to me in regards to getting to know the children, teaching the children, or disciplining or maintaining control. My principal all but ignored us and never once sought any of us out for encouragement or getting to know us. Only a handful of Arabic teachers were kind enough to smile, say hello, and offer help as needed.

I didn't leave because I was scared, I left because I saw no need to sacrifice my sanity and health as well as two years of my life and the life of my family for a school organisation that I wasn't even sure wanted me.

Teachers are leaving and will continue to leave for a variety of reasons but I will say that the underlying reason for the departure of each and every one of those very well-educated, well-regarded and competent teachers was because of a lack of support whether it be in the classroom, from the administration or in the day-to-day needs of life in the UAE

Becky Nelson, Abu Dhabi


Don't put all the blame on Fergie

I often admire the acerbic wit and shrewd reflections of sports journalist Will Batchelor. However, his summation of the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson (The not-so-merry-go-round, December 18) is harsh to say the least.

To lay the blame for English football's current financial woes at Fergie's feet is risible; that's like blaming the Scottish inventor of TV John Logie Baird for I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!

As for Sir Alex Ferguson's relationship with the media, he may not be as cooperative as you sports hacks would like, but if it wasn't for him, Will Batchelor just might be out of a job.

Brian Warren, Abu Dhabi


A simple question about Skype

I refer to the front page news article Telecom regulator in talks with Skype (December 15).

As a matter of fact, Skype is illegal only in North Korea, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE.

I would like to know if Etisalat can explain why it is illegal to use Skype when it is legal in 99 per cent of the world?

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai


More labour reforms needed

In reference to the news article, New law will make it easier for expatriates to change jobs (December 19), I think employers should not only make provision for of end of terminal benefits, like gratuity/leave salary/air ticket, but the same should be deposited in the banks on a monthly basis or invested in the government securities.

Such a move would benefit employees by securing their future. The employer can avoid the catastrophic situation of paying a huge amount all at once, and the government can generate long term funds.

Divya Jitendra Gianchandani, Dubai