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Prince Harry deserves credit for attempting at Arabic

Britain's Prince Harry should be given credit for attempting to speak Arabic, readers say. Other topics include gang rape in India and the fear of flying.

Readers congratulate Prince Harry, with Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, for attempting Arabic. EPA / Ali Haider
Readers congratulate Prince Harry, with Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, for attempting Arabic. EPA / Ali Haider

I think Arabic leaves Prince Harry tongue-tied at Dubai fund-raiser (October 8) is disrespectful.

Of course Prince Harry doesn’t speak the Arabic language; he is English.

Also, many people have an accent when they speak a language that is foreign to them.

This is not a great way to welcome someone who is making an effort. Min, Dubai

The prince’s effort should be appreciated and not made fun of.

Also, the writer should know that “Assalamu Alaykom” means “May peace be upon you” not “May God be with you.”

E Khalil, Dubai

Flying phobia is a serious matter

I am shocked by some of the nasty comments being made online and in a British newspaper about Joe Thompson (Boy who feared flying finally home in the UK, October 8).

It is unbelievable that people would be so cruel and heartless.

He is a young boy who is suffering from a phobia that can be debilitating. It’s not something one can simply “get over”.

Good on the hypnotherapist involved and the boy’s parents, who are certainly loving and understanding.

Some parents would have probably dragged the poor child screaming onto the plane.

C Murphy, Abu Dhabi

India must tackle gang-rape culture

I refer to Confronting emotions (October 8), about the stage play based on the gang rape and subsequent death of a student in New Delhi last December.

The anger among people about this incident has not gone away.

I am usually a person who does not interfere in other people’s problems and I do not like being involved in certain delicate discussions.

However, this incident has built up so much frustration and anger inside me, that I wish to be the executioner of these monsters.

The incident in New Delhi provoked the entire world, but it is not deterring Indian men from committing rape, and the horrifying thing is that the Indian government is still doing nothing about the issue.

The government must take harsh action, to the point where every man feels frightened to even think about touching a woman inappropriately.

I hope that day comes soon.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

Are any vegetarian options available?

Thank you for The 10 new places in Abu Dhabi you have to eat at (October 6).

My husband and I are certainly going to check out some of the new places.

However, we hope there are also non-meat meals on the menus because we are vegetarians. Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Lebanon could be like Switzerland

I refer to Through western eyes, Beirut is perpetually partying or at war (October 5).

The article says: “A great model of plurality, openness, tolerance and relative democracy. A city of ideas and change. This is the Beirut we need to fight for, both from the inside and from afar.”

This is true – but if we don’t do anything about it, we’ll be reliving recent events for a second time.

As somebody from Lebanon, I think the article is too optimistic.

What Lebanon needs is a small revolution that will allow it to become the Switzerland of the East.

Name withheld by request

Review needed on drink-drive penalty

In reference to Prosecutors to appeal against jail term given to man who killed Roy Nasr (October 8), it’s never too late to speak out.

The original one-month sentence was unbelievable. Could it have been a mistake?

All I can do is think of Roy Nasr’s family, and their indescribable grief as they try to find closure.

This is surely not a misdemeanour; the driver should be charged with a crime and the sentence should fit the loss suffered

Name withheld by request

Real housewives worth watching

A television show such as that described in Abu Dhabi’s real housewives (October 5) would be interesting.

However, I would love to see what life is really like in Dubai.

M Ann, Dubai