x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 22 July 2017

Prince charming

Britons and the rest of the world welcome a future king.

It takes a lot to shake the famous British reserve. But stiff upper lips were breaking into smiles all around the British Isles - and the rest of the world for that matter - on Monday evening, when it was announced that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a boy in the Lindo Wing of St Mary's hospital in London.

This is, of course, no ordinary child. As the offspring of Prince William, he is third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom, meaning he is destined, one day, to be the head of state of the UK and 15 Commonwealth realms.

The royal birth has generated an enormous amount of interest both from traditional media - reporters and camera operators from around the globe were camped outside the hospital for more than a week and they remain there waiting for the latest details - and on social media.

While some people may be bemused by the pomp and ceremony, and others may question whether this really is the biggest news story of the moment, we can all agree that the birth of any child is a great gift.

And the fact that this young prince's arrival has generated such a large amount of goodwill worldwide is a wonderful example of how nations and peoples can come together to share in each other's good news.