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Pope Francis offers fresh hope

A reader hopes Catholic leader Pope Francis can help bring Christians and Muslims closer together. Other topics: bad drivers and women in India.

A reader hopes Pope Francis will bring Christians and Muslims closer to each other. L'Osservatore Romano / AP Photo
A reader hopes Pope Francis will bring Christians and Muslims closer to each other. L'Osservatore Romano / AP Photo

Nothing unfair in the move to control speed

The message from 200kph speeders face prison term (March 11) is clear and simple: speed kills.

However, some of the comments made by young people about the issue are silly.

One person is quoted as saying that "it's not fair" to insist on a 160kph limit. What's fair about killing other people by driving erratically? What's fair about leaving your mothers and fathers to cry when you are lying dead in a morgue?

People feel entitled to do what they want, when they want, without thinking of the consequences.

I have lived in the UAE for 12 years, and I have enjoyed my time here. But over that time, some driving practices have become worse.

Like young people in any country, drivers here like to show off in their cars for their friends, but the end result can be tragic.

In recent weeks, I have seen erratic driving in the new Sheikh Zayed tunnel, where there is some confusion about the speed limit.

I have seen some vehicles enter the tunnel at high speeds, tailgating, doing no less than 100kph. This is a selfish act that could end up in misery.

Chris Murray, Abu Dhabi

Compromising safety not worth it

It appears that the authorities are fighting a losing battle when it comes to drivers wearing seat belts and buckling-up their children (Just 60 per cent of drivers wear seat belts, March 14).

Certainly seat belts will crumple your outfit, but is getting out of your car looking pristine more important than your safety while driving?

And is it really worth letting your children stand between the front passenger's seats - or, worse still, letting them stand with their heads sticking out of the sunroof - simply because it is fun?

Jill Thompson, Abu Dhabi

Bad drivers must be taught a lesson

Earlier this week, Sheikh Zayed (Salam) Street was pretty much like a car park in several areas.

Once I reached Musaffah, it was the same. Yet there were half a dozen drivers who thought it was OK to overtake by using the hard shoulder.

I hope that these people will get caught soon and taught a lesson. Otherwise, one day they will cause serious accidents.

N Farley, Abu Dhabi

Businessman shows the way

I am interested in businessman Arif Mirza's plan to live like a worker who earns Dh1,000 a month (Rich man to collect scrap, March 15).

I think this is a great idea, and it will be a real eye-opener.

I'm sure we all have an idea of what it is like to not earn a lot, but until you actually have to do it, you don't really know.

Clare L'Estrange, Abu Dhabi

SNC has little influence in Syria

I refer to to Jasmine Roman's opinion article, An open letter to Syria's opposition: you failed us (March 14). It seems that some members of the opposition are more interested in securing power than peace. Entering negotiations without preconditions will expose the hollow might of the Syrian National Council.

Any decision it makes with the Syrian government will be ignored by rebel fighters on the ground.

The SNC has no influence in Syria. None. For them to call for the fighting to stop, only for it to continue, will expose this.

Name withheld by request

Women in India need protection

I welcome the news reported in Anti-rape bill cleared by Indian cabinet (Mach 15).

Even though major issues such as black money and corruption have not been dealt with by the current Indian government, at least this move should provide more safety for women.

K Ragavan, India

Pope can bring people closer

I am writing in response to your editorial, New pope can build bridges to Muslim world (March 15).

I can say that there is a message that I will take back to my Christian family and friends in the US: Muslim people are very serious about their religion and that seriousness is heartfelt and profound.

During my stay in Dubai, I have noticed and admired the time and energy dedicated to Islam every day.

I hope Pope Francis can realise the positive idea of shared purpose between Christians and Muslims.

S Swart, Dubai