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Political deadlock in US threatens world economy

Some fans more enthusiastic than others Rihanna's show in Abu Dhabi drew mixed reaction from our readers. Other letter topics today: US politics, Jebel Hafeet, architecture and bad news from India.

Some fans loved Rihanna's performance Saturday night at du Arena, but others were less enthusiastic. And several grumbled about delays in leaving the car park after the show. Christopher Pike / The National
Some fans loved Rihanna's performance Saturday night at du Arena, but others were less enthusiastic. And several grumbled about delays in leaving the car park after the show. Christopher Pike / The National

Yes, the economies of the GCC countries are indeed stronger than many others. But I think there is too much optimism in the headline and article GCC economies to withstand fallout from US financial crisis (October 17).

Cash reserves and oil in the ground would go only so far if the economically-ignorant faction in the US Congress did one day finally manage to topple the US into default. The carnage in the world’s banking system would make 2008 look like a good year.

Your editorial that was published on the same day (Debt pact does not solve the problems) was more accurate: the whole global economy is built on the stability of US debt and the power of the American economy; but those are being eroded by dramas like the one last week, and the overall structure is not nearly as solid as it should be.

I agree that the US should now pay attention to the messages of alarm it is receiving – but not hearing – from around the world.

Louis De Souza, Dubai

Airport accident was a surprise

I refer to the news item Aviation authority sets safety recommendations after collision at Abu Dhabi airport (October 17).

I found this story surprising because I have never heard of an accident at Abu Dhabi’s airport before this one.

Nicola Jane Ablett, Abu Dhabi

India has some good stories too

I was quite disappointed to learn the facts recorded in your report Nearly 30 million people are slaves worldwide, researchers say (October 17).

The idea that there are 14 million people living in slavery today in India alone, accounting for almost half the world total of 30 million people living in involuntary servitude, is very saddening.

Between slavery and gang rapes, recent news reports paint quite a bad picture of India.

Surely, in a country the size of India, there must also be a number of positive stories about examples of human solidarity and humanitarian gestures.

These also could be reported sometimes.

Name withheld by request

Dh1 million rent seems too high

I was surprised by the home featured in your weekly property corner (On the market: Six-bedroom mansion in Jumeirah, Dubai, October 17).

One million dirhams a year seems to me like quite a lot of money for such a boring piece of architecture.

Omar Jaramillio, Germany

Mixed reactions to Rihanna show

I refer to your news report Rihanna thrills fans at Abu Dhabi’s du Arena (October 20).

I don’t think she thrilled everyone. Tom Jones was far better.

And getting out of the car park after the show on Saturday night was an ordeal, too.

Lesley Cully, Dubai

Rihanna rocked. I loved her!

Ivana Maglione, Dubai

I was not very impressed by the performance put on by Rihanna.

The lady made no costume changes, and overall there was not much “wow factor” in the performance at du Arena.

Also, being tall was apparently a requirement, since the “Diamond VIP” section was quite a distance from the stage.

In addition, the parking coordination was less than ideal, so it took a long time to get away.

Faris Bin Drai, Dubai

I didn’t think much of her singing, but she has very good backing singers.

Name withheld by request

More enforcement for safer roads

Your story Dubai road crash figures show a man’s place is in the back seat (October 17) leads me to comment that until there is more heeding of the speed limits and penalising of bad drivers, these accident figures will surely continue to rise.

Speeding should also be awarded black points, ones that stay on your licence. It is hard for me to understand a policy that allows people to pay to clear away this evidence of bad driving.

Sylvia Moore, Dubai

Traffic jams spoil mountaintop site

There is a problem at the top of Jabel Hafeet in Al Ain: constant traffic congestion, especially on holidays and weekend.

This can be really difficult and dangerous for motorists, and many visitors must go back without seeing the spectacular views properly, due to lack of parking. More parking spaces are needed.

MA Mannan, Abu Dhabi