x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Pole Position: Motor racing is case of trial and error

The devil is in the details, and motorsport has plenty of absurd moments.

The reason pencils have erasers is because we all make mistakes. Racing is governed by FIA rules and event regulations, and one of the challenges of the racer is to learn how to safely navigate the hundreds of do's and dont's during the race weekend. Of course, some of our mistakes can be very amusing to our friends and fellow racers. To offer you insight into some of the silly things that happen to racing drivers, here is a list of questions you could embarrass them with:

Did you ever get to the end of the pit lane without a wristband?

Did you ever turn up for an event a week early? Did you ever turn up for an event a week late?

Did you ever swallow a tyre valve cap?

Did you ever try to let a pound of air out of a tyre and have the valve stick open?

Did you ever kneel on a metal tyre valve cap?

Did you ever find yourself talking when you should have been paying attention when filling your fuel tank?

Did you ever forget to check your tyre pressures and wonder why the car didn't handle properly?

Did you ever have a wheel fall off and overtake you?

Did you ever loosen your seat belt by accident and finish the race with bruised ribs?

Did you ever follow a driver who braked so late that you both missed the corner?

Did you ever showboat the last corner and end up in the gravel?

Did you ever get angry with a faster car that you could overtake in the corners but could overtake you with ease on any straight?

Did you ever get stuck behind a car in a race that had no brake lights?

Did you ever need help to get out of the car at the end of a race? Did you ever wonder why nobody would help you get out of the car at the end of a race?

Did you ever borrow a plug spanner with your name on it? Did you ever loan a guy a plug spanner with his name on it?

Did you ever wonder what the pit lane speed is when confronted with a marshal pointing the speed gun at you?

Did you ever see a warning flag with a number and not remember what number you had on your car?

Did you ever try to change into seventh gear with a six-speed gearbox?

Did you ever miss a race because you were talking about the last one with your mates?

Did you ever turn up so late for sign-on that you had to sprint down the paddock to get your wristband, only to find you had also missed scrutineering?

Did you ever tap the car in front because you hit the brake and throttle together?

Did you ever slow down for a yellow flag only to have the guy behind overtake you when no one was looking?

Did you ever forget to unbuckle a harness and think you were paralysed?

Did you ever get to the circuit in the nick of time only to find you'd forgotten to pack your racing boots?

Did you ever spend hours looking in the car for the bolt that used to hold your visor on?

Did you ever get safely through a whole race weekend only to injure yourself on the trailer?

Pole Position is written by Barry Hope, a director of GulfSport Racing, which is hoping to find an Arab F1 driver through the FG1000 race series. Join the UAE racing community online at www.gulf-sport.com or on Facebook at GulfSportRacing.