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Beyond the Headlines: What's next for Iraq's protesters?

Young demonstrators plan to return to the streets on October 25th

On October 1st, young Iraqis took to the streets in Iraq’s southern provinces to demand basic services like clean water and electricity, job creation and an end to widespread corruption. The government response to the protests was swift and brutal, killing over 100 people and leaving a further 6,000 wounded. Demonstrators said they were set upon by armed forces and attacked with rocket-propelled grenades and sniper fire. Anger at the violence meted out against demonstrators only served to inflame the situation further, driving more Iraqis out to protest and garnering global attention to their cause. Just as their cause seemed to be gaining momentum, the protests came to an abrupt stop. But young protestors are planning to get back to the streets.

Host Taylor Heyman, assistant foreign editor at The National, looks at what is driving the protests and where they are heading.


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