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Plea to protect Asiatic lions

A reader says the big cat is facing extinction in India. Other letter topics: Emirati women who study abroad, online liquor licences and the UAE's dangerous snakes.

A reader says the Asiatic lion needs a new habitat in India if it is to avoid extinction. Rajanish Kakade / AP Photo
A reader says the Asiatic lion needs a new habitat in India if it is to avoid extinction. Rajanish Kakade / AP Photo

I am an Emirati woman, of both Emirati and English heritage, and I want to express my opinions about the view that Emirati men do not want to marry women who have studied abroad.

My father is Emirati and my mother is English, with UAE nationality. I love my country but choosing to study abroad has been a fantastic experience for me.

I have no regrets whatsoever - even if, according to some, it now makes me an "undignified" woman.

I know I am a respectful and independent young woman of 22, and being allowed such a privilege to study abroad will never take away my chances of finding a husband.

According to Students fear being left on the shelf (July 10, 2010), which has been the subject of continuing discussion, "Emirati women, men and parents ...said society considered women who had studied in the West to be undignified, damaging their chances of attracting an Emirati spouse."

I think people who believe this are closed-minded and sexist. This kind of discrimination is ridiculous.

If an Emirati man wants to study abroad, he will be waved off with excessive enthusiasm by his peers.

It takes a lot of courage to leave your home country as a woman, and live in a foreign country and adapt to a different lifestyle for the sake of an education.

I have made Emirati friends while abroad, and I can say we have never forgotten our roots in the UAE.

If an Emirati man ever thinks that I am not good enough for him and his family for committing myself to my education outside of the UAE, then he is not good enough for me.

I will not let Emiratis ever make me feel bad for being half-English, either. As I see it, I am entitled to embrace my English side as much as my Emirati side.

M Al Baluchi, Abu Dhabi

No need to fear most snakes

In reference to Snake in the grass sparks viper alert (July 10), I guess most of the snakes that can be found in UAE are totally harmless and non-venomous.

However, there are also some venomous snakes that can be found in the area, including the saw-scaled viper and the deadly horned viper. With quick medical attention, a bite from any of these snakes would not be deadly.

Michael Neilsen, Denmark

Laws are clear on respect for women

Man gets six months for touching woman in bar (July 11) should serve as a warning for all expatriates.

Some may say the punishment, which will also see the British man deported at the completion of his sentence, is excessively harsh, but the law and traditions of the UAE are quite clear on matters relating to respect for women.

Who could disagree that it is not just a legal offence, but also plain offensive for a stranger to touch a woman in such a way?

Ian Dunn, Abu Dhabi

Fears for future of the Asiatic lion

Regarding Conservation success creates new danger (July 10), a new habitat, outside the Sasan Gir conservation reserve in Gujarat, must be found to save the Asiatic lion.

It is close to extinction.

Adachi Iwao, Japan

Quarter-life crisis creates a niche

On the path to success (July 2) was a great article.

The term "quarter-life crisis" says a lot about the need for life coaching for the younger generation.

It also highlights the increasingly diversified niches a life coach can specialise in.

Janus Ng, Taiwan

Neglect a matter of perception

I disagree with the conclusions made in the story Children say they feel neglected (July 10).

Dr Muhammad Tahir, the head of psychiatry at Health Call Clinic in Dubai, is quoted as saying that it's important to remember that the survey only gathered children's impressions.

"This is not actually the amount of trauma. It is the kids' perception," Dr Tahir said.

The doctor added that he wanted to know more about the design of the study.

He asked: "What are the questions used? What is neglect and not neglect?"

Tom Pattillo, Canada

Online licence system failure

I tried to register for a liquor licence at the official website (Alcohol licensing moves online, June 30).

However, I only got a short way into the process before it asked me to log in using "Open SSO". What does that mean?

Is it just me or is anybody else having trouble trying to do this?

J Johannson, Abu Dhabi