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Photography workshop a missed opportunity

Easter is not celebrated on one particular day by all communities. Other topics include: Child, Emiratis, France, Dragon Mart, photography, driving.

A reader regrets having missed the opportunity to attend The National's photography workshop last month. She is however keen to share this picture, which she clicked from Al Ain Tower in Abu Dhabi. Photo courtesy Barbara Huntley
A reader regrets having missed the opportunity to attend The National's photography workshop last month. She is however keen to share this picture, which she clicked from Al Ain Tower in Abu Dhabi. Photo courtesy Barbara Huntley

Some people celebrate Easter on different days

I refer to the article Christians pray for peace in Middle East at Easter (April 1).

Do not forget that the majority of Christians in Syria, Israel and Egypt celebrate Easter on May 5, because they follow the Julian calendar.

The Roman Catholic and Protestant churches celebrated Easter on March 31, because they follow the Gregorian calendar. The Maronite Christians of Lebanon are in communion with the Pope of Rome, so they celebrated the occasion on March 31.

But the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and Ethiopian Orthodox will all celebrate Easter on May 5.

George Habash, the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was a Greek Orthodox.

Tim Upham, UK

Child needs help and support

The 16-year-old girl who was sentenced for consensual sex ('Unhappy' girl, 16, had sex with man, March 31) needs to be treated by a qualified psychologist or counsellor, perhaps for years, if she stands a chance of achieving mental health.

She needs to know that it was not her fault, that she did nothing wrong because she was just a child, and that what her uncle did was abhorrent.

Her mother was wrong for not believing her and for abandoning her.

I had the same experience at the age of 8 and was a lost soul until entering therapy at age 26. I blamed myself and was extremely angry at myself, which resulted in some self-destructive behaviour, as this girl is engaging in by being sexually active so young.

It is her plea for help. I only hope the authorities will listen and respond with compassion.

Name withheld by request

Emiratis must bring new ideas

I am writing about the news article Projects at Meydan are back on track (March 27).

No doubt Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, is creating new avenues in Dubai by taking different brands on board.

However, local people should develop new things that will benefit them, as well as their economy. Otherwise, the institutions that are setting up shop in Dubai will only benefit.

Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh, Pakistan

France should investigate killing

The killing of two Indians by French troops in the Central African Republic was an irresponsible act (PM 'distressed' as two Indians killed in revolt, March 27).

Such incidents have become frequent in different parts of the world, and in many of these cases poor Indians are the victims.

The French government should investigate this case and take action against the guilty.

K Ragavan, India

Bigger Dragon Mart is welcome

Expanding Dragon Mart, the world's biggest trading hub for Chinese products, is a brilliant idea (Dragon Mart's expansion is a marriage made in heaven, March 20). Many wedding planners prefer to buy accessories from this place.

Now that the developer Nakheel plans to include a section dedicated to wedding dresses and matrimonial accessories, customers will have more options to choose from.

I would advise people to go and have a look at the place after the project is completed.

Saad Nadeem, Sharjah

Missed photo opportunity

I enjoyed reading about The National's photography workshop with Brian Kerrigan (A Night with The National takes UAE readers on a photography trail, March 27).

Sadly I was not selected to participate in the event, but I congratulate those who did make the cut and have this wonderful opportunity to improve their skills.

Still, I greatly enjoy photographing Abu Dhabi, especially from my patio, high up in Al Ain Tower.

I wanted to share a photo that I took last month in which the rainbow appears over the area near Qasr Al Hosn.

Barbara Huntley, Abu Dhabi

Provide safe place for car enthusiasts

It was a great idea to utilise a non-racing time slot on a racetrack (Ladies: make tracks to Yas (March 27).

We should give individuals who enjoy driving a chance to do so in a safe environment. Instead we force them to make a choice: never have fun, or do so while breaking the law.

Name withheld by request