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Photographer an inspiration for all

A reader praises Amanah Al Jumairi for her entrepreneural spirit. Other topics: taxis, Bashar Al Assad, Amritsar, pet show, loans

A reader says Amanah Al Jumairi’s entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to all youngsters. Jaime Puebla / The National
A reader says Amanah Al Jumairi’s entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to all youngsters. Jaime Puebla / The National

Hats off to Amnah Al Jumairi for being able to achieve so much at such a young age (Emirati teen and owner of photography company has even bigger dreams, February 11).

She is truly an inspiration to all teenagers, Emiratis and expatriates alike. However, I am sure that to enjoy all that she has today, she needs to have sufficient funds. Not all children who have talent can live their dreams or fulfil their ambitions. Money plays a crucial role in such situations.

Fatima Suhail, Abu Dhabi

Assad a disgrace to humanity

It is a disgrace to humanity when the leader of a nation who is meant to protect his people instead engages in long bloody wars with them, causing extreme pain and suffering, not to speak of the innumerable loss of innocent lives while the rest of the world watches idly (Hundreds of Syrian civilians evacuated from Homs, February 9).

It’s shameful but a reality that the UN today has been reduced to a worthless body that at best can provide transportation services for victims at war zones.

Name withheld by request

Increase income to fulfil dreams

On many occasions, if one is in dire need of money, it means that one can’t afford to take a loan (Warning on debt peril as settlements hit Dh2.5bn, February 12). Loans are a service. If your expenses outweigh your earnings then you should take another look at your financial behaviour and reassess you options. Buy less and more intelligently, work harder to make more money and then spend more as you go. You cannot buy something that you are unable to afford with your earnings. This is an advice from a debt-free person.

Ronald Balit, Dubai

Regular taxis are better than vans

I refer to the article Taxis at Dubai airports will all be family size vans from now on (February 7). The article mentions that 75 per cent of customers prefer family size vans to regular taxis. This is a strange statistic. Business travellers and couples have no need for the large taxis. They are actually more expensive than the sedans.

And ofte the person organising the taxis, who wears some uniform, usually tries to get passengers for the black limousines, which are even more expensive. And very often, when I asked them, they told me it is the same price.

At the time, when there were large and small taxis at the Dubai airport, most people preferred the sedans, as they are cheaper per kilometre.

Furthermore, the larger vans are less comfortable, especially in the front seat.

Usually I travel longer distances and need to sit in the front to make sure the driver stays awake. Yes, it happens very often that they start dosing off. More research is needed into these aspects.

Name withheld by request

Amritsar a dark chapter in politics

The report on Britain’s role in the Amritsar operations was an interesting read (Britain confirms ‘limited’ role in deadly raid on Golden Temple, February 5).

Despite the statement by the British foreign secretary William Hague that his country’s involvement was limited to “advising India” before the deadly 1984 raid on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, it was very unfortunate.

This statement coincided with Rahul Gandhi’s recent television interview. It is evident that Britain might have stayed away from all this had Congress not encouraged it to advise.

These are some of the dark chapters of Indian politics.

K Ragavan, India

Ending Pet Show a right decision

The Dubai Pet Show held in 2012 was disappointing (Dubai Pet show ends its run after 25 years, February 12).

In that event, banned dogs were permitted in and allowed to mix with small dogs. This is how one puppy ended up being killed. It was too traumatic; I couldn’t put my dog down as dangerous dogs were coming near him. I saw the blood of the puppy. Adults and children were horrified.

At no time did I think it was suitable for my dog. There were several fundamental flaws to such an event.

Ebony-Jane Penny, Duabi