x Abu Dhabi, UAE Thursday 20 July 2017

Persistence pays off

We all know that invention is more about perspiration than inspiration – and sometimes it really pays off.

Emirati inventors Wasif Alshdaifat, Eida Almuhairbi and Farah Qassab are on the threshold of international success. As The National reported yesterday, they are seeking global patents on a folding mechanism that may be integral to the design of the next generation of smartphones and tablet computers.

With 30 national patents under their belts, they are already the UAE's most prolific and industrious inventors. We wish them well, and applaud their fortitude, because invention is not a business for those afraid of failure.

The British engineering firm BAE Systems has just released sketches of several grand projects that never got off the ground - literally. Among them were "jumping Jeep" capable of leaping over obstacles in its path, and a vertical-take-off passenger jet.

And as our Business section reports today, the creators of the ubiquitous mobile-phone game Angry Birds developed 51 apps that all flopped before they struck gold.

Be it a multinational aerospace corporation or a small team in the UAE, the message is the same: success is never guaranteed, but those who keep plugging away have a far better chance than those who give up.