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Pay TV services ‘too expensive’

A reader says people use satellite dishes to get around high costs. Other topics: road safety, teachers, Boko Haram and green bins.

Readers say many people use illegal satellites because pay television is too expensive.  Jaime Puebla / The National
Readers say many people use illegal satellites because pay television is too expensive. Jaime Puebla / The National

I don’t blame people wanting a cheaper option for watching pay television (Illegal dishes remain on Abu Dhabi’s rooftops, June 6).

Lack of competition means prices will always be high, not to mention that both Etisalat and du charge people extra to watch the World Cup and other big sporting events.

That’s why a lot of people will just watch the World Cup through websites.

John Paravalos, Dubai

Etisalat is expensive, and more competition is needed.

A monopoly in the market does not reflect a fair economy, because it only serves the interests of the service provider.

Hana Faisal, Dubai

Etisalat is expensive and the “cheaper” packages are rubbish.

You cannot add channels unless you upgrade to a crazily expensive package.

Jayadevi Machaya Palekanda, Dubai

Research needed to tackle Mers

It’s great to see that my country is focusing on prevention of the spread of this lethal virus (UAE prepared for Mers, FNC is told, June4).

I strongly believe that the UAE has the financial capability to attenuate this problem. It would be great if more attention is directed towards scientific research aimed at identifying a solution.

Research is key. We have the funds; what is needed is a clinical research facility led by pioneers in the study of infectious diseases and microbiology.

Shehab Ahmed Al Ansari, US

Boko Haram is hurting Islam

In reference to the article Is Boko Haram a part of Al Qaeda? (May 25), I would just like to say that in no way, shape, or form does this group represent Islam.

Footage on YouTube shows the terrorists using Islam as an excuse for kidnapping female students. This is nonsense.

There is also video showing these schoolgirls being forced to convert. This is not what Islam is about. The Prophet Mohammed said that no Muslim should ever force a person to convert to Islam, and that one should embrace ­Islam out of one’s own will.

Boko Haram is harming the peaceful religion of Islam. The US must stop them before they go any further.

Ebrahim Al Harbi, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi

Teachers should meet standard

There really should be a standardised evaluation tool to determine the level of qualifications of a teacher (New licensing system for teachers, June 4).

Just because a teacher comes from a certain country doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is highly qualified.

For example, teachers in the US are certified differently in each state. Teachers who are qualified to work in one state often need to be recertified to work in other states.

With that, I agree with comments on The National’s Facebook page that should there be an across-the-board evaluation tool, and the pay should be equal as well, no matter where the teacher hails from.

Shondale Galindo, US

How about increasing the pay so that qualified, experienced teachers want to come to the UAE?

Hairdressers earn more than some educators here.

Liz Ward, Dubai

Call for green bins in other emirates

I refer to Dubai residents embracing green bin recycling campaign (June 5).

Well done, Dubai. I have asked the authorities in Abu Dhabi if we can have green bins placed here. Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Let’s have these bins in Ras Al Khaimah, too.

Eva Jay, RAK

Mobile phone use a danger on roads

I want to draw attention to the way the use of mobile phones while driving can destroy lives.

I was motivated to write after seeing an American television commercial with the message “stop the texts, stop the wrecks”.

A lack of concentration for just a few seconds is enough for the vehicle to veer off the road.

Even hands-free mobiles phones are considered dangerous because they occupy the brain. Also, if the motorist is having an annoying conversation, this could result in aggressive driving.

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai