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Passive smoking a concern at shisha cafes

It's not just shisha smokers who have to worry about their health, a reader says. Other topics: film censorship, road safety and oil prices.
A reader says shisha pose risks not just to customers but to others who inhale the smoke. Satish Kumar / The National
A reader says shisha pose risks not just to customers but to others who inhale the smoke. Satish Kumar / The National

I refer to the story Owners in doubt over new law on shisha cafes (January 13).

It’s good news that they are cracking down on shisha.

All smoking has damaging effects, both for those who smoke and those who end up passively smoking.

It reminds me of a news story about a waitress who didn’t smoke but worked in a cafe which allowed smoking.

She died of lung cancer, but not before she started a campaign to protect the health of others.

J Bishop, Dubai

Road safety is a matter for us all

I regularly drive between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and concur with the views expressed about road safety in the UAE (Offences show a fatal disregard for UAE traffic rules, January 7).

It all comes down to the attitude of drivers on our roads. It seems to me that it is always the same set of drivers who speed.

If you observe the traffic coming back from Abu Dhabi on Thursdays, or any normal day after 3pm, you will see many cars driving at a fast pace, bumper to bumper, with the drivers trying to bully their way past other vehicles.

The authorities should show no leniency towards anybody, as the rules are meant for the safety of everyone on the road.

The police and transport authorities should join forces with all government and private institutions to make sure that everybody understands and obeys the traffic rules.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Remarks shouldn’t be taken seriously

I am writing in response to a post on the Scene and Heard blog, Can the US government force Jimmy Kimmel off the air? (January 12).

It refers to an interview on an American late-night show in which a young child said he would “kill everyone in China” to avoid paying off America’s debt to the Asian nation.

Kimmel is a comedian not a politician and he was talking to a child who knew no better.

To the 100,000-plus people who signed a petition on the White House website to have the television show removed from the air, I say: lighten up and enjoy life.

Thank goodness we have comedians to make us laugh after a long day of work.

Name withheld by request

Some films best left unscreened

I refer to ‘Profane’ movie is cut by a quarter (January 13), regarding the censorship of the film The Wolf of Wall Street in the UAE.

Forty minutes is a lot to lose from any film. If whoever is responsible for cutting it thought that the film was too sensitive, then perhaps they should not have tried to screen it here in the first place.

I also think that UAE cinemas should have stricter controls on allowing people into films with restricted ratings, and that audiences should take more care in understanding what the various ratings mean.

If people think they may be offended by a certain film, they should not go to see it.

L Cully, Dubai

I note that one of the reasons for cutting the film was the number of swear words it contained.

I was walking around a store in the Mall of the Emirates last week and they were playing uncensored rap music.

I heard a four-letter word playing so loudly in the shop, I thought the staff would turn it off. However, they had the whole uncensored CD on shuffle.

This is not the first time that this has happened.

Isabella Brookes, Dubai

Clarification over motorsport star

I refer to your Kit Bag blog item, A look at UAE-based motorsport drivers (January 9), which refers to Sebastian Husseini as being UAE-born.

Sebastian is actually of Lebanese/Dutch descent. Although he grew up in the UAE, he’s not actually Emirati.

Sebsports.com, Dubai

Fuel for thought about oil leases

How oil transformed Abu Dhabi and what happens next (January 9) is great news.

I hope that, as a consequence of the new lease arrangements, petrol prices will become cheaper.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

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