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Overheated cars are not the only danger to children

Letter writers say a lot of parents drive with their children in the front seats. Topics include accidents involving children, donations, cyber crime, satellites and decency.

A reader commenting on dress codes says she avoids watching Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi. D Dipasupil / Getty Images / AFP
A reader commenting on dress codes says she avoids watching Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi. D Dipasupil / Getty Images / AFP

Renewed warning on peril of car heat (July 9) reminded me of another phenomenon that I constantly observe on UAE streets: a lot of parents drive with their children in the front seat.

Also, many of the children riding in cars are allowed to move around and play, rather than being harnessed in child-seats.

On several occasions, I've also seen very young children put their heads up through the sunroof of their parents' car.

I have come to the conclusion that a lot of adults here in the UAE are very neglectful about their children's safety, and I believe it's high time the authorities started acting on this.

Said Waikhom, Abu Dhabi

I was a divorced single mother for years living away from any family or other support. I did it alone and never did I not know where my children were.

As a mother, I knew where they were and what they were doing - even when they were 18.

Tricia Sutherland, Dubai

The deaths of these children are tragic accidents; they should not be seen as an opportunity for finger-pointing at the parents, who have suffered enough.

Let's all work together to make sure we learn how to prevent a further recurrence.

I just hope that I never have to read about a child dying in an overheated car again. Kerry Blake, Dubai


Donations must reach their target

Regarding Donors pledge $16bn in aid (July 9), it is very well to offer the money.

However, the question is how much of this money will actually be given to Afghanistan?

Sardar Khan, Dubai

Confused about cyber crimes


Regarding Cyber scams target local banks (June 7), exactly how does one report an attempted cyber crime?

I haven't been able to find any information on this in news reports. Karpaka Rajan V Chettiar, Abu Dhabi

Jersey Shore style is not reasonable

Your columnist Deborah Williams asks the question: How do you enforce a law against bad taste in clothing ? (July 7).

I don't even look at Snooki from Jersey Shore when she appears (accidentally) on one of various television screens I own.

However, I have been thinking a lot about dress codes lately because my oldest child's middle school is implementing uniforms next year.

I'm sure I'm not much help, but I do believe that dressing "within reason" should be fine for Americans living in the UAE. Arnebya Herndon, US


Satellites linked to better deals

Regarding Capital's ban on 'eyesore' satellite TV dishes (July 9), if Etisalat decreases the eLife TV package price to a nominal amount, everybody will go for this.

Then there will be no need for householders to have an individual satellite dish.

People who are installing satellite dishes are doing so because they want cheap deals and plenty of channels to choose from.

Jaya Baht, Abu Dhabi

Decency should be self-evident

In reference to Understand the culture to avoid many legal pitfalls (July 8), why is understanding of local culture necessary to understand decency?

It should be in the core fabric of humanity.

Fabrizzo Helkin, Dubai

Knitter deserves positive opinions

I enjoyed reading Knitting yarn at the tennis is a stitch up (July 6).

It's so refreshing to see some positive reaction to that lady's knitting during the Andy Murray-Marcos Baghdatis match at Wimbledon.

Liz Beckwith, US

Murray proves he is a true Brit

It's a popular joke in England that Andy Murray is British when he wins but Scottish when he loses.

A variation on it has comedian Al Murray (the "Pub Landlord" who is bringing his standup comedy show to Dubai in September) claiming Andy as a relative or not depending on how he plays.

As you reported (Return to the top, July 9), Murray was defeated at Wimbledon by the juggernaut that is Roger Federer.

But he put in a brave effort, and did well just to get to the final. Andy Murray may not have won the tournament, but he gave it his best shot for Britain.

Charles Bryant, Abu Dhabi