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When will drivers learn?

A reader seeks to draws attention to the consequences of reckless driving. Other topics: Christophe de Mergerie, Samsung phablet, driving, BJP, domestic help, RAK Crown Prince
A Dubai resident seeks to draw attention to the consequences of reckless driving through this picture, which she took at the residential area of Meadows 9. Courtesy Liz
A Dubai resident seeks to draw attention to the consequences of reckless driving through this picture, which she took at the residential area of Meadows 9. Courtesy Liz

There was an accident recently at Meadows 9 in Dubai involving cars that were speeding.

Speed humps and stop signs have been installed, but drivers do not care. When will people start thinking about the consequences of reckless driving?

Liz, Dubai

Good drivers in the UAE face lot of risk

I refer to the article Many new drivers hold on to good habits learned to pass road test in the UAE (October 16). I am proud to say I am one of them. The problem is, there are so many rash and unruly drivers on the road that safe driving becomes a disadvantage for people like me.

The other day, when I was driving at a stipulated speed on Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street, a driver came flashing behind me. Even though I was in the middle lane, he was trying to force me to clear the way for him.

Some people seem to derive pleasure by creating problems for others. I could see no other reason for that driver to behave like this, because he had plenty of space to overtake me.

If these drivers are allowed to do such things, people like me will have no other option but to make mistakes.

Manish Sharma, Abu Dhabi

De Margerie’s death a big loss

I refer to the article New boss assures Total’s commitment to Abu Dhabi (October 26).

The former Total chief Christophe de Margerie was a true leader who personified human values, professionalism and charisma. He was a very special man. He was at the forefront of major events such as Adipec and Formula 1.

He was a towering personality who will live forever in our memory.

He was famous for his quick wit, pleasant demeanour and warm handshakes.

I offer my condolences to his family and colleagues. May his soul rest in peace.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Cautious about this phablet

After reading the review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I am tempted to buy one (Note 4 a step up for phablets, October 21). However, I am hesitant because of my not-so-pleasant experience with a Samsung phone.

I had bought a Galaxy S4, which I found to be very slow. When I complained about it to the retailer, they simply told me to delete some apps. But even then the performance didn’t improve. I think the iPhone is a safer bet.

Varsha John, Abu Dhabi

BJP can tighten grip on all states

The BJP’s huge success in the Haryana and Maharashtra elections shows that very soon the party will rule other states in the country (Victory in state elections give BJP strong mandate, October 20). Congress must take a lesson and analyse why it is on the verge of being eliminated from India’s political scene, despite being the so-called “grand old party”.

The BJP is rising in popularity because of its pro-reform measures as well as its pro-activeness. However, it must work hard to prove it can retain the momentum.

Sukumar S, Sharjah

Be wary of domestic help

The incident in which a maid allegedly threatened to kill her employer’s children is horrifying (Maid threatened to kill children if they did not finish food, Dubai court hears, October 19).

It’s high time that parents realise the risk of leaving the job of child rearing in the hands of housemaids. The obvious risk of hiring domestic staff from other countries is that one does not know what kind of background that person has.

Also, they are often not qualified caregivers. So no one should trust a stranger when it comes to taking care of their children.

Deborah Anne Mustafa, Dubai

Crown Prince shows the way

With reference to the article Crown Prince of RAK enlists (October 24), publicising this is a good step towards making the mandatory national service widely accepted by Emiratis. Serving in the military was one of the best things I’ve done.

Ronald Balit, Dubai

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