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We are grateful to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid for sending aid to the Caribbean

Readers weigh in on tragedy and natural disasters

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma in the US Virgin Islands. AP
The aftermath of Hurricane Irma in the US Virgin Islands. AP

In reference to your article, Dubai Ruler sends emergency aid to Caribbean after Hurricane Irma (September 8), the country also just sent a massive amount of aid to the persecuted Rohingya minority in Myanmar. As these examples rightly show, we should support everyone in need and not be selective when embarking on philanthropic initiatives.

Abdullah Chowdhury , Dubai

That is a very sweet gesture. The Caribbean is being hit so very hard right now and I previously commented that news outlets keeping talking about Florida but seem to forget that Category 5 hurricanes caused death and mass destruction on many small (and mostly very poor) islands in the Caribbean region. I am very grateful for the aid you are sending, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

Brigitte Tibet von Bulow , USA

Four boys who perished trying to save their friend are heroes

In reference to your article, Families stricken with grief after four boys drown at Abu Dhabi farm (September 7), these children are heroes. They tried to save their friend at all costs. What a tragic incident. My heart goes out to the parents.

Ahmad M.Khandaqji, Dubai

The tragedy that has befallen the families is extremely sad. Swimming is a life skill and I hope schools can eventually introduce swimming classes so that accidents like these are avoided.

Nadia Sarie , Dubai

Please teach your children how to swim. This is not the first such story to surface, nor will it be the last if children (and adults, for that matter) are not taught how to swim. Swimming is a skill that would save many lives.

Ninja Lang , Finland

I hope swimming pools can be built inside public gardens, and public beaches with cheap entry fees can be opened.

Mohammed Faisal , Abu Dhabi

What a heartbreaking story. It was so brave of them to jump in to save each other knowing they themselves couldn't swim.

Belinda Wallington, UK

This is terribly sad. One of the boys is the son of a bus monitor at our school. He used to be at school with her regularly and joined all our field trips. May you rest in peace, sweet angels.

Sabrina Henry , Abu Dhabi

A safety fence is definitely needed at the pond. May these children rest in peace.

Maryam Gualon Sanchez , Dubai

I am so sad for these families. What a terrible burden of grief to have to carry.

Lynne-Marie Hickey , USA

This is so tragic and sad. I just cannot begin to imagine how the families must be feeling.

Name withheld by request

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Updated: September 16, 2017 10:51 AM