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UAE's warriors will always make us proud

Readers weigh in on patriotism, public holidays and school buses

One reader who served in the UAE Armed Forces says he wishes he was with the soldiers serving their country Pawan Singh / The National
One reader who served in the UAE Armed Forces says he wishes he was with the soldiers serving their country Pawan Singh / The National

In reference to your article, The sacrifice of its soldiers is woven into the fabric of the UAE's national consciousness (September 3), if there were ever a time I wished I was still in the UAE Armed Forces, it is now. May God bless the UAE's warriors and grant them victory soon, and unify the Yemeni people under their legitimate government and bring prosperity to Yemen

Rashed N Al Khanjari, Abu Dhabi

Children are spoilt by how much holiday time they get

I refer to your article, Time to start planning: Here's the remaining public holidays in the UAE for 2017 (September 4). According to this calendar, they will lose another day of school. These children just had a very, very long summer.

Ashleigh Roebuck, Abu Dhabi

More buses are needed, but more planning is needed as well

In reference to your article, More school buses needed in Dubai to reduce traffic and pollution (September 3), why not set up a few mobile petrol stations dedicated to refueling buses to avoid congestion on busy mornings?

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Up until about five years ago, school bus fares were reasonably priced and a lot of parents at my children's school opted for the bus. They then doubled the cost within the school year and I removed them from the bus service. More than half the parents I know have done the same. Schools have a "cap" on what they can increase in tuition fees, but not on bus fees. If the Knowledge and Human Development Authority also puts a reasonable cap on the amount schools can charge as bus fees, then it may be possible to have more kids on school buses and less cars going to and from schools during drop-off and pick up hours. I hope authorities will implement this.

Robert Castro, Dubai

The buses have poor quality drivers, long travel times and are far too expensive for the service we are being provided.

Ben Neal, Dubai

They should categorise schools according to community. That way, bus rides will be shorter and cheaper for parents.

Khurram Takkhar, Dubai

Buses cause even more pollution actually. Having more dangerously driven vehicles on the road for three to four hours a day does nothing to help traffic congestion.

Michael Grantham, Al Ain

Buses are too expensive. Dropping and picking up kids is more cost-effective and it is good bonding time with them.

Zahra Murtaza, Dubai

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