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There is so much to love about the UAE

Readers discuss coexistence, health, coding and more

The country's vision for the future is outstanding
The country's vision for the future is outstanding

I refer to your article, The nine ways to see the best of Abu Dhabi (October 26). I just love UAE culture and cannot get enough of it. The smell of camels and the desert, the incense and majestic oils such as oud, the country's history and its amazing rise in such a short time to the absolute top in the world, the falcons and old stories, the weaving and pottery, the poetry and music, the national dances and cultural variations between the seven states and so much more. The country's vision for the future is outstanding.

Brigitte Tibet von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Tolerance and respect are key national pillars

I refer to your article, UK ambassador praises UAE's tolerance on International Religious Freedom Day (October 27). I have been to midnight mass on Christmas at St Joseph’s Cathedral and the mosque next door was also in prayer the same time. It’s was a moving and uplifting experience. Well done to the UAE for fostering so much tolerance and respect.

Ann Cambridge, United Kingdom

It is the same in South Africa and I am sure many other countries. Having tolerance and respect towards each other irrespective of race, religion and other differences are key elements to being good humans beings.

Irshad Valli, Dubai

Desperate times call for damage control measures

I refer to your article, Lack of cover means watchman in Fujairah struggles with medication costs (October 26). I hope he alters his diet and exercise more if and when he can. He has to go the natural route and try to get off those medications. It's not easy, but doable.

Sabrina Henry, Dubai

Coding initiative will bring dramatic change to the region

Your editorial, Coding: the language of the future arrives today (October 26), was an interesting read. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's initiative will bring dramatic change in the Arab world. Children will develop their knowledge. Today, the entire globe needs a revolution in knowledge, although some countries are making progress like India under Narendra Modi.

K Ragavan, India

In South Africa, the big picture is not that simple

I refer to your article, White South African farmers jailed for forcing black man into coffin (October 27). The broken law system in South Africa gave these men 10 to 11 years in prison but murderers and rapist get less jail time in South Africa. This piece of news is not reflective of the the bigger picture in South Africa.

Carla Botha, Abu Dhabi

Brave warriors will always be remembered

Saeed Al Kaabi was a brave warrior (Body of martyr soldier arrives in Abu Dhabi, October 27). My heartfelt condolences go out to the family.

Melanie Rose, Dubai

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