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There is no point in judging others seeking alimony

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There are many reasons women seek alimony after divorce. Being unemployable is one of them.
There are many reasons women seek alimony after divorce. Being unemployable is one of them.

In reference to your article, My ex-husband owes me eight years of maintenance payments. Can I have him detained at Dubai Airport? (September 16), I believe that any woman with a decent amount of self-esteem can make it on her own and stand on her own two feet.

Mahesh Kumar, Abu Dhabi

Whilst I wholly understand that in theory, women shouldn't be wholly dependent on their husbands or divorcees, and men shouldn't technically have to bear the brunt of ex-wives' bills, there is no point judging, as we have no idea of the ins and outs of such cases. What if they had agreed among them for her to quit her job to be a stay-at-home mother while they were married? Wouldn't he then be financially responsible for the long-term impact on her career prospects? If a decision is made in a partnership, one should not be left holding the ball if things go wrong.

Ela Jayne, Abu Dhabi

Certain laws may be preventing this woman from standing on her own two feet. For instance, if the man had stipulated that she stay at home with the children, he can still technically put that as a stipulation even after their divorce. Of course, the court can deny that request, but it's an actual possibility. Also, he may have not allowed her to study while they were married (he could legally stop her from attending university, remember), which could mean that he may have successfully kept her unempowered during the marriage, causing her to be unemployable and financially incapable now. I believe that people should look into gender constructs before judging others. The laws are rapidly changing, but some that are still in place give men full control over women's career and personal options.

Tiffany Malnar, Abu Dhabi

Story on US vow to revise Iran strategy stood out for me

Your editorial, Washington's vow to revise Tehran strategy is welcome (September 13), was quite an interesting piece of writing. It was articulate, brief and straight to the point and I really enjoyed reading it.

Doz Emmanuel, Dubai

Private and public sectors off for Hijri New Year

I refer to your article HR Ministry confirms holiday for UAE public and private sector workers to mark Al Hijri New Year (September 17). At least now, we all are on the same page. Regardless, both the public and private spheres will officially be given one day off for the new Hijri year.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

Mother Nature keeps reminding us of the universe's disdain

In reference to your article, Are the spate of natural disasters a sign of climate change or random coincidence? (September 16), in my opinion, natural disasters are the universe's warning signals to us.

Saif Saed, Dubai

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